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Facebook has been busy adding new apps, ad tools, targeting options, courses and insights to the platform – here is a run down of the 10 latest updates from Facebook that advertisers should be aware of in September  2020 plus a new way to stay up to date with all of the changes

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Hey everyone. And welcome back to the gospel, all social media. So in this one, because there are just so many updates that have happened and recycling across the Facebook platform, but I thought this would be a really good episode just to kind of give you a list is 10 significant updates for marketers all come back from Facebook because there’s a new product. There’s an app feed their targeting tool, just like everyday problems. So here is a bit of a summary. I have 10 new updates for you. Now, bear in mind. Some of these have only just been announced. They haven’t fully rolled out across all countries. Yet. Some of them are significant. Some of them are less significant, but let’s dive in and see what the hell Facebook has been to cause they’ve been busy. All right. So the first one does is the announcement of sponsored posts within groups.


Now this is something we’ve all been waiting for for quite a long time. So what it means is that group admins will be able to run sponsored ads within their group. Facebook has said, this will help improve the group experience and then access to the sponsored group app is coming from inside. You have to be approved to do this, and it’s coming from your branded CoLab doors. So that in the group have full visibility of who’s post or advert or the partnership going on. So there’s disclosure around the advertising of what they’re seeing within the group. Now, we haven’t seen this in our accounts yet, but that’s a pretty exciting one that you’ll actually be able to see if you’ve been growing an active group of people. It looks like you’re actually going to be able to sort of advertise validation strategies into your course, which is super, super cool.


Alright. Second one is an ad based tool. So obviously when we call them audience, we can go ahead and fill out or say glances. And we have an option in there can take, which is detailed audience expansion, which is basically Facebook’s way of saying, Hey, listen, my algorithm knows better than your, your suggestion. So give me some freedom in what I can do with your adverts. And let’s see if I can actually find you a better audience. So let’s call the detailed expansion. So usually when you take that, it gives Facebook the freedom to target your audiences to more people. Now there’s also another tool that’s appeared recently, which is the lookalike expansion tool. So typically when we Google the California, this is a percentage of this place as much to the seed audience we give. So we get, you know, 1% of people that look like our website purchasers, or, you know, 5% of people that look like, um, people will sign up for our list.


Again, this is a similar type of tool for the detailed points expansion. You had it specific to your look alike audiences. So you’re going to see this when you’re building out your outs now where there’s a lookalike expansion tool option, you can flip that on. And what it’s saying is that Facebook will use it’s AI. It’s understanding your audiences to potentially go a little bit broader than your specifications in your lookalikes. If it thinks it’s going to improve your ad performance. So this again is Facebook’s website. Listen, we’ve been working on the day off for so long. Now we know how to do this, give us a bit more freedom and I would highly encourage you to, you know, don’t be so, you know, against Facebook taking on some of these decisions, you know, test it, try it in your ads and see what happens.


Alright, there is new, um, a new way to build a core audience, custom audience, because there is now the ability to build a custom audience as people who have interacted with you on marketplace, um, seen in the U S we haven’t seen it yet in Australia, but we know it’s going to be coming. So we’ve seen obviously the expansion of targeting to include shopping features. So people who interact with your Facebook page shop or your Instagram storefront, we are now also including people who interact with you on mobile of your ass or your, you know, shopping ads and things like that are being placed on marketplace. You can actively retarget people who are shopping in marketplace. So that’s a super valuable placement for you guys. That’s going to be a really great one. Oh my God, there’s so much going on. Okay. Um, there is a new app that is coming out from Facebook, which is called business suite.


So at the moment, guys, obviously we’ve got things like Facebook page manager, we’ve got Facebook ads manager, we’ve got Facebook analytics in and out. We’ve got Instagram, we’ve got all of these different apps that we currently use to manage Facebook. What does that look like? Is it going to be designed for small businesses? And it’s going to be a way to bring in all of your connected assets or properties and not into the one app. So I think again, Facebook’s movement to make it’s platforms and tools more accessible for small businesses. [inaudible] confusing. We have a million apps to do many different things. If you don’t know about one, this definitely looks like a way that it’s going to be introduced. And as Parada being rolled out, this announcement only came out on the 17th of September. So if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry. You might get a notification that pops up when you open page manager, if you want to switch over and start using business suite.


So it’s just going to be a way of basically managing more of your apps and your products and your services from Facebook, but in sort of one centralized space, as opposed to having to have 9,000 Facebook apps like we all do. Um, okay. There is a new as well. So Facebook really, really just being super reactive at the moment, digital skills course. Yeah. Help people actually get into the workplace for Facebook. So a little bit different from its Facebook blueprint courses, which were designed, you know, to take social media managers and use their skills. We saw this last year with you structure of the digital associate. Of course, I’m on blueprint. Now that was obviously a course that was put out for people are getting new into Facebook advertising. It was like entry level certification you could do before you went on to do media applying or strategic planning on Facebook blueprint.


So this is a new type, of course, though, which isn’t strictly based on the blueprint system and it’s a digital skills course. So the idea is, I guess Facebook is tackling sort of that global unemployment and helping more people move into the industry by using its products and services. And it’s come up with this new digital skills course and certification to allow more people, to be able to prove that they are, or, you know, get upskilled into Facebook marketing and into working at Facebook tools and getting access into the workforce. So that was pretty exciting. It looks like it has a charge to it. It looks like it’s free up until a certain point. Um, and then it looked like it had a cost associated with it, but we haven’t had that one yet confirmed. Alright, cool. Number six. Um, the paid platform for online events.


Now, obviously this has been tested for a while in a couple of different countries and with a couple of different people, but now you have the option to sell tickets through your, um, to your events for online to if you’re live streaming an event, you can now actually use Facebook to collect payments, um, and use that as your gated content. So previously we were having to do things like, you know, send people, PayPal links or set up the event and event Bryce and action that through Facebook, they’re kind of cutting out the middleman with this one. Um, and it’s, again, something that you’ll be able to do for your online events. Now, in order to set this up, you need to actually use Facebook creator studio, and you need to look into the monetization platform. You need to check that the Facebook page you want to use to host that event has been approved.


So you’ve got to have a reasonable quality and following an interaction on your page before you’re allowed to actually have access to these monetization tools. And when you do that will be taken through a series of steps, which will allow you to then set up your payment details or, you know, you know, you have any admins or things like that. So it’s an interesting tool, definitely going to be useful for things, you know, people who are in, you know, life music, streaming people who are doing online classes, webinars, those things. It’s going to cut out the middleman and it’s going to allow you to take payments directly online through Facebook. Um, number seven, there is a removal of some of the targeting options on Facebook. Now, please don’t freak out. When I say that they removed about a thousand different targeting options, um, nothing juicy or useful has been removed.


To be honest, it was just Facebook’s way of cleaning up lots of duplicates and things they weren’t, you know, were low quality or just really work being used. So if you get a notification from, in your ads manager about Facebook are moving these and ad sets being affected really don’t freak out. It’s just, Facebook’s way of kind of just cleaning the back of the platform, making sure the targeting options are, you know, super up to date, um, and really useful. Um, so some of that has been, some of them have been removed, but again, Facebook’s like, look, it’s things like duplicates and stuff that aren’t perfect lighting people, the best clarity being particularly useful. So that’s really kind of a positive change. Uh, number is ad limiting. So Facebook have announced that it is going to limit the number of things address that accounts can create or actively have, right at one time, again, this is a move towards, you know, a simplified we’ve talked about this before.


Facebook really want us to use things like simplified account structures and getting really smart about how we buy ads and place ads and not just going, we need a million campaigns to target a 1% of a look alike, all the 2% of an Instagram audience, and then another campaign to do a 2%. And like, it’s really like, they really want us to move towards this really clean simplifies campaign structure. Facebook really are saying with this, as they look our algorithm sort of smart enough to really make a lot of strong and strategic decisions for you, he’ll let us kind of do it. You don’t need to have the, these crazy elaborate account structures. The other reason this guys as well is obviously you’re getting very heavily into things like, um, transparency and privacy on account so that they don’t want, you know, some accounts to be responsible for hundreds of millions of adverts.


But I mean, when we say ad limiting, yeah, the limits are pretty significant. So I mean, it’s like a thousand active adverts for like most sizes of businesses going up, depending on, you know, that size and the scale of the business. So it doesn’t look like it’s really going to do anything to that, but it has been announced that ad limiting will come into place from October. Ooh, all right. There at number nine, there is a new, um, captioning service. Facebook is using it’s AI. It’s using its natural languaging and speech AIS to basically try and match an adult live captions on to, um, live videos so that you don’t need to then go away and prescribed them. And this is Facebook’s and this is part of Facebook’s movement too, make things more accessible. So if somebody can’t hear the live, but they want to watch and read it, um, they have the option to add live captioning.


So more people can actually access it content from live videos. I’m still in its testing phase. So not available across all platforms yet. And obviously when you tools roll rollout, you know, they’re going to need a bit of time to really get honed and polished, but still super strong, super exciting. And then my God, number 10 Facebook, huh? Ray. Well, we say re released, but Facebook have released a college only product, which is called the Facebook campus designed to get more students who were studying every feeling, a little disconnected if they’re not getting to their classes and, you know, really getting a sort of rich kind of, you know, club college and education appearance with all the stuff that’s going on. So reintroduce campus. Now, if you know the history of Facebook, this has Facebook actually started, its origins were about rolling out into different and campuses, connecting people so that you had like a book of everybody’s faces essentially of who was going to which classes as in which schools, and you could like meet different study groups and, you know, connect with people and that’s how Facebook stuff.


So the fact that it’s kind of the old way back to its roots of having this, um, this campus of capability is yes, it’s kinda fun. Um, so a lot of stuff, a lot, a lot of stuff going on from Facebook, um, awkward moments, the other two big things guys to consider in all of this, um, there is a massive, there’s a huge increase in percentage at the moment of adverts not getting approved. And the reason for this is the two major events are happening in the world right now. Obviously we are still in the midst of the pandemic. So Facebook has really strict, you know, it’s trying to get rid of false information on the platforms. It’s got a commitment to world health organization to do so. So it’s really actively screening adverts in case of any of this misinformation. And then the other thing that’s going on as well.


And we’re going to see more tools rolling out from this is the U S elections. Now obviously, um, Facebook got slammed from the whole previous Cambridge Athletica and how people were using data and, and, you know, using the platforms for inauthentic behavior and skewing and scaring people and stuff. So Facebook are being super, super proactive around this now. And so because of that, there is increased amount of screening. You’re going to see Facebook’s got voter centuries. If you’re in the U S popping up to give you more information, um, about these things. So the thing is what’s going on now for moment, guys is the platforms are basically on high alert, right? They are screening everything for content around the coronavirus. They begin screening for everything for content selections. So the screening tools that are used to review efforts are high alert status. This means basic things in adverts that would have previously passed before maybe getting picked up.


You may also see a huge increase. In average, they’re getting rejected when really there is no violation of ad policy and they should be approved. Make sure you stay on top of your accounts. Guys, if an ad gets rejected, don’t freak out, just follow the steps to appeal your advert. You’ll be able to go into your business manager into account quality and under account quality. You’re going to be able to see the reason why the effort was rejected. I look at it and judge, whether it’s a valid reason or not, and if you feel there’s no policy that’s been broken there, just jump in and hit the appeal button and request a review. Also on that guys just be aware because of all this heightened screening and sensitivity, the reviews process on average is taking a lot longer the average time before it used to be a couple of minutes.


Now it’s, you know, getting close to 24 hours. So just be aware of that sensitivity. If you have got kind of like time-sensitive that need to go on a certain date, build them and get them reviewed and get them scheduled ahead of time. So that they’re on the schedule to be reviewed, ready to go. And I’m live for the dates that you actually need your campaigns to go live. So give yourself at least a day or two’s wiggle room at the moment to get your ads out of the review process in order for them to sort of like actually start the ground running at the moment. So loads of awesome stuff happening on the platform. Like I am so super excited by a lot of these things. I definitely think, you know, the movements towards simplifying the Facebook platform, making it easy, easier for people to use.


These are for businesses and small businesses, particularly to access these tools, making it easier for people to actually work in the industry, I think is incredible. Definitely, you know, giving us more tools and monetization options for groups because Facebook’s preference groups. Um, we know that groups have been a really significant, um, tool or asset for a lot of businesses that have had to go digital or move online very quickly because of the pandemic. So being able to add and things like the monetization platforms, sponsored posts, stuff like that. I think these are all really, really positive changes, um, to try and still stay up. And, you know, with these changes, remember there are a couple of things that you can do here. Guys. Facebook obviously does announce the larger or the more significant changes on the platform. Um, Facebook, so has a newsroom, which is this room at Facebook.


Um, so even if you just go and Google, Facebook can use one, but you’ll actually be able to see announcements, that’s their press release, um, and the media release platform. So you can go and see where all the major announcements are happening. Um, you are also able to subscribe to our newsletter. So brand new, just launching it. You’re going to see the book available on the website. So check it out guys. It’s called this week on social media. So it is a newsletter that you can choose to subscribe to. And we basically are going to give you every single update that’s happened that is relevant for you to know this week on social media. And if there are no updates, guess what? You don’t get a newsletter. It’s not spam. Um, as always questions, comments, feedback, send me a PM, send me a DM make sure you check out the newsletter available for you guys online. If you do want to stay connected with these updates, we will keep you informed as things happen and get super excited because Facebook are adding some awesome changes

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