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Facebook Updates it Default Attribution Window

Facebook has changed it’s default attribution window from 1day view and 28 day click to 1 day view and 7 day click.

Facebook’s statement is here:

“Digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers will soon limit the ability of businesses to measure people’s interactions across domains and devices. In support of these initiatives, Facebook is planning updates to attribution windows across our ads reporting surfaces.

Starting October 12, Facebook will default your attribution window to 7-day click and phase out the 28-day window option. Note that this change has no impact on delivery or performance of your ads. The Ads Insights API will continue to supply 28-day attribution window data as a short-term workaround until the browser limitations go into effect.

While you may see fewer reported conversions with a 7-day window compared to a 28-day window, this is a more sustainable measurement strategy that will support digital privacy, be resilient to future browser changes and enable businesses to better measure the impact of their marketing investments on Facebook.

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Page Manager becomes Business Suite

Manager all of your Business Facebook and Instagram account from place now with Facebook Business Suite. The old page manager app is now Facebook Business suite and you will be prompted to update when you login. The pros – it does allow easy management of your posts and ads across platforms, the cones – it’s lacking some page editing features. The work around – you can downgrade back to page manger via the setting tab and revert as you need.

Facebook Groups have just got a whole new set of tools and a certification

Facebook has also rolled out new tools and feature to allow admins of groups to create more engagement and safer communities  including features that let you prompt for discussion and limit certain keywords. See the full breakdown here –

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Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM are merging ..soon..

Announced last year at F8 Facebook has continued to homogenise it’s messaging platforms with Instagram DM’s soon to be able to reply to Facebook Messenger as well as share a host of new features like watching videos together over Facebook watch and extra stickers – full story here –