Facebook has made huge changes to Messenger over the last year. Before, it was just a simple way to chat with your friends, your family, to see when people were online but now it’s grown and developed into a huge potential for businesses.

There are four key things you should look at when using messenger for your business. Check that these are set up properly and see how best you can use all these features to your advantage.

1) You need to make sure that your Facebook is set up to allow people to message you.

This is really easy to find. Just pop up to the top into your settings, into your page settings you’re gonna come down to where it says Messenger Platform and you want to make sure that people can message you privately. That’s it. That’s all you need to do, is just make sure that, that’s actually switched on. This will allow members of the public, potential customers, anybody on Facebook to send you a private message to your Facebook page In-box.

2) Make sure Instant Replies are set up.

We strive to have the famous green badge, that’s the green tick that says you are very responsive to messages. Facebook really likes you to have this because it shows you’re offering a great customer experience and great customer usage on the platform. In order to get our green tick you need to respond to 90% of your messages within 15 minutes. Now, if that sounds like a bit of a stretch for you or your customer service team, here’s a way to help. Facebook has a set of instant replies that you can automate onto your Messenger account, and they can be found within your Messenger settings. You can have a greetings reply, so as somebody opens up the conversation panel to actually talk to you, it can send them an automatic greeting.
Your Messenger can send them an instant reply if they do message you and you’re away, saying, “Thanks for your inquiry. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.” So, these little strategies are put into place to help you maintain a great messaging score but also for great customer service so that people know the message has been received and it has been acknowledged om Facebook. You can also set up messages for when you’re away, so it will actually tell people, “Hey, thanks for your message but we’re away right now.” So, if you’re travelling or if you’re unavailable for periods of time, you can always pop the away message on. And this will be on your account for up to 12 hours a day. You can turn it on and you can turn it off as you are available- You can also create some custom replies if you want to.

messenger green tick
3) You can consider whether you want people to respond to your adverts by responding to you in Messenger.

So, if you’re setting up a traffic advert or a conversion advert, you can set up Messenger as a response where the link will open in their Messenger home screen and they also have an opportunity to them talk to you about what they’ve seen or that product, or they can just tap into the link and continue to purchase.

4)  You can send sponsored messages to anybody you’ve had a previous conversation with on Facebook Messenger.

So now you can re-engage and you can create a custom audience based around people that you’ve had contact with through Messenger. From here you can then create a sponsored post or sponsored story and send it to those people, just to that audience of the people that you’ve had contact with previously on Messenger. So, it’s another option to re-target and re-engage customers.

Happy messaging – chase that green tick!