Want to know how to manage your social media accounts in under one hour a week. It can be done! And if you understand this concept, this is something we teach to a lot of our clients, I promise you you’re gonna take a lot of the stress and the hassle out of maintaining and managing your social media accounts. We call this The One Hour of Power.

What I’m gonna do for you today is break down exactly what you need to do in that one hour to manage your accounts for the week. Now, two disclaimers on this: The Hour of Power does not include if you need to go film videos and edit content, and write blogs, because that’s a bit of a longer process. Over the next few articles coming up. I promise I’m going to teach you how to do that really time efficiently, and really cost effectively as well, too. The second part of this disclaimer is that The Hour of Power assumes that you already have a good solid content strategy worked out for your business.

One Hour of Power.

So, what I want you to do is get disciplined like this. Set aside one hour, probably at the start of your week, to actually set up and manage your social media accounts. And we’re gonna break down the hour like this:


10 minutes – You’re gonna spend your first 10 minutes just checking through your accounts. You’re gonna check your Facebook posts, and your engagement rates on them. Again, look at the previous videos on this group, you’re gonna see how to do that. You’re gonna look at your adverts to see which ones are performing, and which ones are not. You’re gonna look at your Instagram, your YouTube, your Snapchat, any other accounts that you’re running. Look at the comments, look at the feedback, see that you’ve answered all the messages. Just spend 10 minutes getting really, really up-to-date and across the landscape of your accounts.

Now, you’ve got to be disciplined. 10 minutes only is more than enough to look through those accounts.

40 minutes –  You’re now going to spend 40 minutes scheduling your content. If you’re scheduling content for Facebook, use Facebook’s native scheduling tool and go in and schedule your posts, the copy, and any links that you need. Now, you’re probably not going to be posting more than three to five times a week on Facebook, so it really shouldn’t take you too long to post in those pieces.

If you’re using Instagram, go in and get yourself an amazing Instagram scheduling tool. Now, our favourite is Schedugram, it is a paid service that you go for. It’s gonna cost you about 20 bucks a month, but it is a life saver. We love using this platform, it’s super easy to use. You can save all your hashtags in it, you can see exactly when all your content is set to go out, you can put all your comments in as well.

Schedugram is a great way to set up your Instagram posts for the next week. So, 40 minutes just going in and scheduling out your content.

10 minutes – That last 10 minutes of your Hour of Power is gonna be spent looking through your competitor’s sites, just flagging to see if there’s anything that they’re doing that you could potentially “borrow.” If there’s any cool sites, look at ads and things for inspiration, check out Facebook Newsroom for any updates on the platform. Of course, come back in and check out this group because we’re gonna keep you updated as well. But, just spend 10 minutes doing a bit of research. So, within your Hour of Power, you should be able to check out what’s going on, schedule in your content, and then sort of get a forecast, and a bit of market research into the landscape at the moment.


That’s it. Nice and simple. One hour, block it out, and stick to it.


Now, just because you’ve scheduled your posts now, doesn’t mean there isn’t still gonna be stuff that you need to do throughout the week.

But, it’s gonna be a lot less stressful, and a lot easier to manage that content strategy, if you can take on hour and devote it to getting it done. Within social media, things will change. Sometimes you’re gonna have to be reactive. But, we like to run our accounts on what’s based on the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content is ready to go, and scheduled, and you know what’s happening with it, giving you time and head space, and thought and creative space, and reaction for the last 20%. So, if something starts to trend, or you think it’s really useful and relevant, you can jump in and post that, safe in the knowledge of knowing that if you didn’t get a chance to post content to Facebook, or Instagram, or YouTube for that week, everything is already locked in there.

Be disciplined. One Hour of Power, and it will make the world of difference to your content strategy.