As much as this upsets us to hear but we are not Wizards ( *nerdy wimpers heard all around the FloSocial office*) we rely on a series of apps and programs to help us run and manage social media content and avert campaigns. So here in our nerdy /non wizard opinions are the top 5 apps that we couldn’t live without in the world of digital marketing. – This is by far the best Instagram Scheduling toll we have used. It’s the only one we have found that doesn’t need you to activate the post (you won’t get a push notification and reminded to open Instagram ) it can just post for you. It’s got a great drag and drop feature for seeing your week/ month of posts planned out as well as a really great mobile app to help you schedule on the go. The costs are based on the number of accounts you want to manage and how many followers you have but prices start from around $20 a month #worthit

Canva – a really simple to use graphic design program that is web based so doesn’t take up huge space on your computer. It has all the social media post sized saved into it and uploading your files and logos are simply to do. It also has a resize feature that allows you to create multiple sized assets for your campaigns. Its free for a basic version and cost about 412 a month for the pro version

Facebook pixel helper – this is a little extension tool for your internet browser that lets you check your pixels (as well as your competitors pixels) handy for checking what you have set and where and if they are all coded properly and working.

Facebook Ads Manager App – available or android and iPhone this is a Facebook app that allows you to track, manage and build advert campaigns on the run. Not all of the features available for desktop are on here but it’s great for keeping track of things when you are out of the office. – this handy little transcription app is great for blogging and transcribing videos. You set up an account and payment system with, download the app and login in – you can now record voice memos and blogs talking into your phone and then hit send and have them transcribed for you in less than 24 hours (we have our back on average under 3 hours every time)  You can also upload video on the desktop site and have them transcribed, Cost are around a $1 per minute and the service is very fast and reliable. Traffic jams have just got so much more productive.

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