The Summary

Getting paid for your time and expertise is the life blood of running your own Social Media Business so why does it feel hard or stressful just to get paid? In this episode Lynsey share her experiences and gives you 5 of her golden rules you need to put into place to get paid on time, in full and at your value so you can enjoy doing what you love and make money!

The Episode

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The Key Take-aways

  • Talk about your costs and how you get paid from the very start of a client relationship
  • Have a SIGNED agreement and a detailed scope of work so clients know exactly what they are getting and what is not covered in your fees
  • Get on top of your invoices and processes and follow up slow payers
  • Understand how to set your retainers based on hours expected to work and how many clients you are able to service vs your goal monthly income
  • Do some sales training to get comfortable talking about money and fees with your clients – check out Petar Lackovic for sales training
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