Who is Flo?

Hey – I’m Lynsey and I’m a (slightly obsessed) Facebook™ Marketing  Super Nerd.

I founded FloSocial  to fill a gap in the education of Social Media Marketers and Media Buyers who want to learn the highest level of Facebook Advertising without any wanky “guru” systems or get rich quick schemes – just solid fundamental  best practise and the advanced strategies and techniques available with the Facebook advert system.

No wank. No Jargon. No Gurus. 

So why should you listen to anything I say … well I am not kidding about being a Facebook Marketing Super Nerd. Here is part of my wrap sheet:

  • I was one of the first consultants to invited into to work with Facebook in their Facebook Technical Services Partnership Program ( I got trained and paid by Facebook to work as a subcontractor for them on their clients technical ad set up )
  • I was also the first females to join the top tier of the Program  and become a Certified API developer #girlpower #chickswhocode
  • I lectured for the University of Sydney on all things Facebook and Digital Marketing
  • I write for Social Media Examiner on Facebook ads ( surprise surprise )
  • I have managed over $6 million dollars of ad spend over my 7 year career across a huge variety of sectors ( like everything from dish sponges, Sheep Siemen ((you read that correctly))  cars, national retail chains, solar panels, software, events, biscuits, rural charities, charcoal, nappies, holidays)
  • I speak and deliver training all around the world
  • I am one of the most badged and accredited Facebook Marketers globally ( see badges below )

But why “Flo” ?

Who is Flo?

FloSocial is named after Lynsey’s family name –  Florence. The Florence women have always been feisty, unstoppable and savvy business women with hearts of golds and genuine compassion for their clients and customers – if that isn’t something to celebrate in business – we don’t know what is!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by and raised by incredible women – namely my Mum, Sister and Grandmother. They have helped shape me to the woman I am today and the understand the type of legacy I want to leave in this world. FloSocial is here because of them and I want to help every business we connect with to feel a positive impact and be better because of us.”