About Flo

Who are we ?

FloSocial was founded and is lead by Lynsey Fraser and supported by a team of the industries leading copy writers, designers and developers. Lynsey Fraser has a background in training and education as well as holding various roles in Marketing over the years. Lynsey worked for one of Australia’s largest retailers as the Social Media Marketing Manager before deciding to return to her background in education. In early 2017 years of planning and hard word came together and FloSocial was born.

“We are not an agency”

” After years of working with different agencies – some great and some extremely disappointing  – I decided to set up my own business and vowed never to work like a traditional agency. I want FloSocial to empower small businesses, I want to teach small businesses how powerful social media can be for them and that learning this isn’t scary or technical. I also found that most of the social media training courses were run by great marketers and not great educators so students weren’t getting the best opportunity to learn.
Having a background in adult education I thought to myself – there must be a better way to teach this, there must be an easier way for small businesses to learn this stuff and be able to apply it. And that is the drive behind FloSocial – not to operate like an agency, to put our clients needs first and to teach and empower our students to be successful and  our clients to become independent.

Who is Flo?

“FloSocial is a direct tie-back to my family name – Florence and my  heritage.  My mother and Grandmother were both entrepreneurs that built and lead their own businesses. Bold, gutsy, indestructible women, with unparalleled

My mother and Grandmother – the Florence Women

drive, have motivated me to create a business of my own which embodies those enviable traits. It’s developing and growing your business into something you can be fiercely proud of.”

FloSocial is designed to be an incredible learning platform for small businesses

worldwide by unlocking the world of social media. If I can make social media become less daunting, more accessible and help turn followers into financial freedom, then I have achieved my mission.”