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Need help managing your social media accounts?

We’re here to help.

So you’re running a business and life is just a little bit crazy, okay actually its a lot crazy… in fact, you may be questioning your sanity and wondering WTF you have got yourself into. You know you need to run social media advertising and post content but you don’t have the time or skills to do it. We can help! We offer fully tailored account management and support services with flexible terms designed to suit the needs of growing businesses. So chill, we got you Boo!

We have different levels of support to suit each of our client’s needs. We offer 3 tiers of support from data analytics, advertising support and full-service options so you can find the service you need.

Geek for Hire

Posting and advertising on social media but not sure what’s working for you and where you should target your time?

Our ‘Geek for Hire’ service will do all the data crunching for you each month and translate it from tech talk into an easy-to-understand monthly report. We can custom build this report so you can see the numbers that matter to your business. Our team of  Geeks is fluent in;

  • Facebook advertising data analytics
  • Google Analytics including search marketing and SEO optimisation ( web traffic)
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
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Advert Guru

Got posting down but not sure how to advertise?

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Advert Guru – The perfect solution for businesses that can post their own content but need some help creating digital adverts. We are experts in social and digital advertising and can advise you on the right type of adverts to reach your business goals, then build and manage them for you. We will advise you on a budget, you approve all adverts and budgets before they go live, we will monitor them daily to make sure everything is on track and then send you a report at the end of each campaign. We can set up;

  • Facebook adverts
  • Instagram adverts
  • Snap Chat adverts
  • Google search & display adverts
  • Sales funnels across multiple channels (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is we do and its’s really cool and can make you a lot of money)

Prices vary as this service based on what you need for your business – let’s chat about what’s gonna work best for you.

All for One

Want to be on social media but just don’t have the time or expertise in your team?

All for One – A full-service account management solution, tailor-made to suit your business – essentially we join your marketing team and take on the day-to-day running of your social media accounts.  We can do everything from;

  • Create content for your social media accounts
  • Build monitor and report on your adverts online
  • Build marketing calendars and plans
  • Write blogs
  • Source and manage social influencer’s for your brand
  • Set up your social media channels
  • Manage your communities and Facebook groups
  • Graphic design and video editing

Text us, call us, slide into our DMs or just fill out the email form on the right for more info.

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Why you’re going to love us

  1. We get small business. We know you need a service you can depend on.  We are super fast, easy to communicate with and we have no minimum terms for service – pretty cool huh?
  2. You remain in full control of your social media accounts and approve every post and advert before it goes live
  3. We will never spend a dollar without your approval and stick to the budget your comfortable with
  4. We act on your behalf and work from your accounts – in case no one else tells you this – this is important as you keep all of your advert history and information ( some agencies will use their own accounts to advertise for you, if you ever leave – you have no history to look back on- they got your data in the break up and that shit ain’t cool )
  5. We will never take longer than 48 hours to get back to you – your business is always on- so are we.
  6. We are real,  experienced, accredited social media marketers that know how to talk to people with no patronizing or nerdy jargon.
  7. Sometimes we send our clients Doughnuts and Beer… true story ( bet you want to work with us now)