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We are Social Media Training Heros!

That’s why we need a squad of awesome affiliates to help us fight the good fight and deliver the best Social Media education in the world and the good news is – you get paid for it too!

So if you want to make some cashola and help businesses become more social media sufficient then check out our list of requirements and fill in the form below.

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What we want  from our Affiliates

  1. Selling our products and courses is cool – but the IP is ours and you “can’t touch this” when it comes to our brand and content
  2. We only have nice people be affiliates for us. At FloSocial we love everyone of every race, religion, gender, sexuality and choice of Instagram filter and we don’t work with mean people. If you act like a dick – we ain’t working with you.
  3. We don’t sell magic beans and you shouldn’t either! We create amazing social media training courses an products but we are not miracle workers and we don’t ever over inflate our results or offering to make a sale ( God is watching and Karma’s a bitch )
  4. Like attracts like – so if you are super cool, love helping businesses succeed, believe in education and creating mutual opportunities – you can hang with us.
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Why Join us?

  • We are pretty cool
  • We pay our affiliates a 20% commission on sales
  • We use secure online tracking systems and payment software
  • We support our affiliates with marketing material and how to guides
  • We have awesome products with very satisfied students