The Summary

Lynsey is joined by special guest – Branding Expert Kady O’Connell from Sydney-based Creative Agency Kady Creative. Lynsey and Kady discuss all things about branding and how social media managers can create a stronger brand presence and align their social media marketing to more than just a colour and a logo.

The Guest


With over a decade in the creative industry, Kady O’Connell has built Business Branding Agency, Kady Creative with a fiery dedication for empowering entrepreneurs to realise their vision and translate their purpose into a strategic brand that connects and converts.

Kady believes that the best brands don’t have to sell because they connect so deeply with their audience that they become magnets. With her signature brand growth method she and her team help ambitious entrepreneurs combine data-driven insights with beautiful design to build brands that draw people in by blending a refined mix of art, storytelling and strategy.

Along the way, Kady O’Connell has helped build the brands of over 100 leading businesses internationally. While also recently designing and co-writing her first cookbook, Behind The Half Door: Stories of Food and Folk, that was nominated for the prestigious GOURMAND award.

Kady is available as a spokesperson for entrepreneurship and branding to share her insights on building a strategic brand, creating powerful websites and crafting click-worthy content.

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The Key Take Aways

The Key Takeaways

  • Branding is not just about your colours and your fonts – it’s every touch point and how you make your customers feel working with you,
  • Having a detailed branding guide is key to understanding how to communicate with your customers
  • Understanding your customer and your brand archetype will help you to build a social media strategy
  • Check out Kady’s Blog on Brand Archetypes here –
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