Power To The People

Fed up with being ripped off by your Social Media Agency?
Bring Social Media Inhouse – we show you how.

Sound Familiar?

Your Agency started off really well. They showed up at your office in shiny suits and razzle dazzled you with fancy promises, big words and magical social media promises.

But once they got started, the shine disappeared and you found yourself with more questions than answers. You didn’t see your account manager for months, their reports were written in Klingon, and you’re not seeing results for your business – despite a tidy investment of thousands of dollars.

We feel you Boo. Agencies Suck!

Okay, some are freakin legends, but they are sadly few and far between and overrun by the cowboys we are all totes over.

So what to do?

We Help You Take Back The Power

Bring Social Media Inhouse and train your team to run it better, faster and more cost effectively than your last agency.

Sacking Your Agency Without Affecting Business

This is where we come in.

Not only are we Social Media Educators, we are also Facebook Accredited Marketers with years of Agency experience (go us). We have worked with hundreds of clients across every sector from large scale ASX listed brands to startups.

We jump in and take over from your Agency to keep you moving, while helping you audit your marketing plan, build your strategy and upskill your team for Total Takeover.

How We Do It

FloSocial Review

We meet you and your team to review where you’re at with your Social Media Strategy, while building your Take Back Plan

FloSocial Training

We act as your Agency and step in to take on your current ads while starting training with your team – there’s no down time

FloSocial Groups

We jump into the thick of it with your team, teaching social media skills while guiding them through your accounts

FloSocial Power

When your team is ready and you are happy, we step back to let you run the show – we’re always on the sidelines for support if needed.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Needs