October 2018

How to create video for social media on a shoestring budget

Looking for cheap ways to create video for social media? One of the biggest loads of crock you’ll hear is that you have to spend a shitload of money to create video for social media. It’s complete bollocks. There’s no need for expensive camera equipment or hiring George Lucas [...]

How to write content for search engines

How to write content for search engines. Every second Google processes an average of 40,000 searches. To ensure the king of the search engines delivers useful and relevant results in a blink of an eye, Google developed a complex calculation (algorithm) to determine you are getting what you are [...]

How to get your brand noticed on social media

4 Easy tips to get your brand noticed So you’ve got yourself on social media. Now what? How do you get your brand noticed, when you’re only a small fry in an ocean full of big fish? Have a clear strategy Much like driving a car, unless you have [...]

How to handle a social media crisis without losing your shit

Do you have a game-plan in case of a social media crisis? In our digital era, rumours and bad publicity can spread like wildfire on social media, it pays to be like a scout—always prepared. It doesn’t take much—a sewing needle in a strawberry or loss of life on [...]

September 2018

Top tips for hiring an Instagram influencer

What is an Instagram Influencer and what do they do? An influencer is a name given to a social media user with a shit load of followers. Influencers are given products or services from businesses in exchange for giving a business a shout-out in their feed. It can be an [...]

How to write perfectly awesome hashtags

Once upon a time # was a symbol for a pound or preceded a number. Today, the humble hashtag has become a staple of the social media universe to the point where it’s caught on and used in speech, In lieu of pretentious air quotes, teens are dropping hashtags [...]

Fake news, scams and hoaxes

Calm your farm people, Facebook’s algorithm claiming to limit your news feed to only 26 people is a load of bollocks. Messages like the aforementioned one are again circulating because people (and by people, we mean pretty much every one of your friends) is posting without checking whether there’s [...]

Why you only have 8.25 seconds to make an impression

8.25 seconds, slightly longer than a goldfish's memory? Boom! That’s the average attention span these days. 8.25 seconds to create a lasting impression or you’ve lost most people’s interest. Life is busy. People are impatient and want things fast; fast cars, fast internet speeds, fast food, fast responses and [...]

April 2018

What is the GDPR and how will it affect my business?

It's a confusing and troubling time as Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook in Congress and Europe prepares to roll out the new GDPR laws. So what is the GDPR and how will it affect your business? What is the GDPR?  The General Data Protection Regulation is a law that comes [...]

January 2018

The Who, Why, What & How Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a major part of any social media strategy because it allows you to have meaningful conversations with your customers and to subtly display your message your value and the solutions and the services that you can offer to them without going into adverts or into hard [...]

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