What is the GDPR and how will it affect my business?

It's a confusing and troubling time as Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook in Congress and Europe prepares to roll out the new GDPR laws. So what is the GDPR and how will it affect your business? What is the GDPR?  The General Data Protection Regulation is a law that comes [...]

The Who, Why, What & How Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a major part of any social media strategy because it allows you to have meaningful conversations with your customers and to subtly display your message your value and the solutions and the services that you can offer to them without going into adverts or into hard [...]

Stuck in a Posting Rut?

Not sure what to post on your social channels any more? Feel like your posting the same thing over and over again? Stuck for ideas on what to post? Not having a plan or having ideas set about what to post on your social media channels can be frustrating, [...]

How Creepy can you Get?

How Creepy can you get? Okay full disclosure here but we have used social media to politely stalk people ( not in an “I'm in the bushes outside your house" type way ) more in a lets find out more about a business, brand, old school friend - and [...]

The New School on Hashtags

Hashtags have evolved and with the current changes to the Instagram platform, due to its merger and its acquisition from Facebook. The hashtag strategy that we've used previously may have changed, and it's important for you to be up to date with the new school on hashtags. Hashtags have [...]

How to get more User Generated Content?

Want your audience being your advocates and doing most of the content creation hard work for you? This is not some weird Utopia that doesn’t exist. Many brands are leveraging the power of their followers to do the hard work for them and getting their users to create their [...]

4 things you need to set up for Facebook Messenger

Facebook has made huge changes to Messenger over the last year. Before, it was just a simple way to chat with your friends, your family, to see when people were online but now it's grown and developed into a huge potential for businesses. There are four key things you [...]

Community Management for Beginners

We want people to adore us on social media.  We want the likes, comments and shares from a highly engaged audience that happily praises us for every witty post we run but how do we manage the members of our Facebook community that don’t want to play nicely? Set [...]

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