August 2017

How to get more User Generated Content?

Want your audience being your advocates and doing most of the content creation hard work for you? This is not some weird Utopia that doesn’t exist. Many brands are leveraging the power of their followers to do the hard work for them and getting their users to create their [...]

4 things you need to set up for Facebook Messenger

Facebook has made huge changes to Messenger over the last year. Before, it was just a simple way to chat with your friends, your family, to see when people were online but now it's grown and developed into a huge potential for businesses. There are four key things you [...]

June 2017

The 5 Apps We Couldn’t Live Without

  As much as this upsets us to hear but we are not Wizards ( *nerdy wimpers heard all around the FloSocial office*) we rely on a series of apps and programs to help us run and manage social media content and avert campaigns. So here in our nerdy [...]

How to manage a PR crisis on Social Media

Recent events like United Airlines scandal have reinforced the importance for brands to have a solid crisis management plan in place for their social media channels and be ready to action them at any time ( just in case one of your employees beats up an airline passenger or [...]

May 2017

How to get Social Media interaction at events

We spent the weekend at FILEX - one of the largest conferences and trade shows for the Fitness Industry in the world. It was full of brands coming up with exciting and unique ways of encouraging visitors to interact with them and follow them on social media. Here are [...]

April 2017

Should you post on Facebook everyday?

The short answer - No! Let's face it, running a business is already time consuming enough without having to come up with something to post on Facebook everyday and the good news is - it's not necessary to post everyday. But why? Quality Vs Quantity - Facebook would rather [...]

March 2017

How to stay up to date with Social Media

One of the biggest frustrations businesses have with social media is how quickly things change. How do you stay up to date with social media when the campaign you ran last month has stopped working, what you thought you knew is no more and every time you login things [...]

February 2017

How to set a budget for Social Media

For a small businesses or start ups every dollar you invest into your business is precious. Knowing how much to invest into your advertising can be tricky - you don't want to over stretch yourself and you don't want to under play it either - so how do you [...]

October 2016

A Personal Trainer’s guide to YouTube

YouTube is much more than just a hosting site for funny cat funnies and epic gym fail compilations. It’s the second most used search engine in the world after Google (and yes – YouTube is owned by Google too). It’s a powerful platform for searching for information and can [...]

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