The Summary

We are saying it and we are not even sorry! We don’t understand the Clubhouse Hype. Here are the reasons why Clubhouse doesn’t excite us as a social media platform and why we aren’t sure it will last. Could we be wrong? Time will tell.

The Episode

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Key Info and Take Away’s

The earth is round, vaccines save lives and Clubhouse sucks.

We are not against Clubhouse totally but as a social media platform it lacks a distinct number of features like outbound links, advertising opportunities, data and insights that make a social media platform interesting to advertisers and brands

The “hype” around Clubhouses exclusivity  via ” invite only” membership is an interesting case of exclusivity marketing but does that equate to it’s value.

Its a time suck and some room offer little value if not moderated well

We would class it as a niche form of podcasting – not a social media platform

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