We want people to adore us on social media.  We want the likes, comments and shares from a highly engaged audience that happily praises us for every witty post we run but how do we manage the members of our Facebook community that don’t want to play nicely?

Set up your Profanity Filter – this can be set to block swearing and other bad words on Facebook comments and posts. Facebook will instantly hide posts and comments with these trigger words in them. You can choose the levels of Profanity you want to block. Facebook determines the words to block based on the most commonly reported words that cause offense.

facebook profanity filter


Post blocking and approvals set up-   You can set up your access levels to not allow visitor posts on your page without approval first. Just keep a close eye on your page if you have this set up – you don’t want to miss good feedback or customer enquirers. You can find this feature in you page settings as well.

approve Facebook visitor post setting


Respond to comments – Facebook wants to see you engage with your fans and it will help improve your overall relevance and positioning If you engage with your community.  Respond to comments and if issues are sensitive ask them to PM you so you can address the grievance out of view.

Hide vs Ban – You don’t need to delete and ban every rude comment. You can just hide the post, the beauty of this is that the user can still see it but no one else can. If a user is persistently rude or offensive then you can ban their ass.

Expect debate not hate – Sometimes commentary around contentious issues can invite lively debate between users and become very engaging for you page. It can open you up to discuss you view points and make your brand human and interesting, however there is a big difference between debate and hate. You absolutely have the right to remove, block and ban anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, spreads hatred and goes against the Facebook community standards.  It’s your page and you’re in charge.

No one has the right to bully you on social media even if you are a business, public figure or retail brand but we can take steps to manage our communities and make them a nicer space to be in socially.