How Creepy can you get?

Okay full disclosure here but we have used social media to politely stalk people ( not in an “I’m in the bushes outside your house” type way ) more in a lets find out more about a business, brand, old school friend – and see what they are up to on Social Media  ( women with IPhones can be better than the FBI)

And lets face it Facebook works on being a bit creepy. Its monitoring us and it knows a lot about us. We have spent years updating Facebook on every detail of our lives from where we went to school, how often we login, where we went on vacation, who are friends are and the types of stuff we Like. This makes Facebook a very powerful marketing tool for small businesses – albeit a little creepy – it works and allows us laser sharp targeting on the adverts platform. So how creepy can you get on Facebook?


Level 1 Creep – you used the Facebook audience tool to check out what your audience is into, how often they are online and what they like to do. Going beyond just targeting on interest in the saved audience feature – you as a level 1 Creep dig a little deeper and view your selected audiences online behaviours in order to know more about them. Never used the Facebook audience tool – check out this video from our Advanced Social Media Course on how it works.

Advanced SM Facebook audience tool from FloSocial on Vimeo.

  • Creep note – Facebook will not allow you to target more less than 1000 at a time to protect the anonymity of your audience – so a little bit less creepy
  • Level 2 Creep – You have your Facebook Pixels set up and are now spying on the people who visited your website. Facebook Pixels are tracking tools that allow you to see follow customer a behaviour on your website. So if they click through from Facebook advert to your website then you can set up Pixels to fire at various places so you know what they have been up to. Event such as add to cart, completed registration and purchases can all be tracked and using the custom audience feature you can retarget the audience of people who have been on your website.

    facebook re marketing meme

    Level 3 Creep – You not only have your Pixels set up to follow people around but now you set up Dynamic Product adverts so you can follow them around online. Ever been looking at a website and then when you login to Facebook you keep see adverts for that product? Well that’s no coincidence – it’s a creep tool called Dynamic Remarketing. Once you have a product catalogue registered with Facebook and linked to your Pixel you can set up Product Catalogue adverts in the conversion objective in Ads Manager. This will target people who have been on your website looking at a certain product and show those product adverts to them again when they use Facebook – you can literally stalk people and it’s a very useful conversion tool.

    Want to learn more about Pixels, Re targeting and Dynamic Product adverts – check out our new Advanced Social Media course online now.