Welcome to our first-ever sermon from the mountain top as Lynsey takes you through some hard truths about how long it takes for a campaign to work and why we need to shift our focus on what’s actually useful and valuable on social media. Be warned there are some swears!

Key take outs from this Episode

  • Social Media is a relationship building game and can’t be rushed

  • Always be advertising your brand or business on social media

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Welcome to the gospel, all social media. And today y’all need a little bit of a sermon here because I am always getting asked. I am getting your frustrations. I am failing you. When I keep it asked, how long does it take for my social media to work? How long do I have to wait before my ads are delivering results? How long does it take before I finally start to see, you know, return on my ad spend and things coming through. And you’re all looking at this the wrong way. So I’m going to lay some truth on you today. All right? This is a relationship. This is not a one night affair where you get to put an ad out and magically it’s all going to start working on.


The reason it’s a relationship is because you are dealing with, there is no magical trick. There is no magical click or effort or hack or anything I can teach you that is go to sway over the hearts and minds of your customers overnight. Okay, this is a relationship building game because social media, as we say, is all about the people. So how long does it take to build and grow our relationship is really the question you’re asking. Not how long is it going to take my ads to work, but how long is it going to take to actually build a relationship? And the answer is forever. It is going to keep changing. It is going to get better. It is going to go closer. You’re going to find the right people, you’re going to find the room pick where you’re going to learn more about your audience, your audience going to learn more about you.


The platform’s going to learn. So this is a relationship game. It’s a long term therapy. It is not a quick win or a quick fix. So if you’ve got out there and you brought a one social media campaign and I’ve given up on social going, it doesn’t work. Guess what? Bullshit. I’m pulling you out on this now because you have missed gum bark. This is a different form of advertising center. Traditional radio or TV or campaign blast. This is social connection where if you build the social connection, you get close to your customers, they start to understand you. You can leverage the media aspect of that and you can start to drive results into your business. But if you miss the whole social connection part first, guess what? It ain’t. It ain’t never going to work. So when I want you to think about your social media campaigns, it is an on going thing.


How long does it take to work? The answer is forever as simple. All right? So things you should always, always be doing, cause you always want to be advertising every single month, every single week. You always want to have active ads running on the social platforms. And there is a very good reason why if you are an, even if you don’t have a big item for sale or a customer service thing going on or a product or a launch and these things you are brought into awareness, you want to stay top of mind. You want to be boosting posts and keeping your content in front of your customers. To this day and age, you want to be doing things to maintain that relationship. Okay, common, we’ll just be one sided. When you want to do a burst of activity around when you want to come into work versus when you have your off or you’re, you’re always on kind of season.


So you’re always advertising first and foremost on the platform. You are always going to be advertising. Now that doesn’t mean you exhaust your budgets every single month. What it means is you’re always willing to put a little bit of skin in the game, keep learning more about your orders to keep building your brand and keep building your business. OSI, keep talking to mutual customers, so you should always be bare minimum of what you should always be running his brand awareness activity. There should never be a period where you are not and that could be guys boosting posts cause I am not against the boost, whatever it is. I just don’t think that people understand what a boosted post does. A boosted post is about boosting the number of people who see or interact with your content. Not about websites, not about traffic or about clicks, not about conversions.


It’s literally about taking a piece of content and showing it farther and wider so your audience can interact with it. So I think boosted posts are great for your brand awareness activity. I think running Brown awareness ads is obviously great for your life, your activity always having something in market is going to benefit your longterm strategy. And here’s a couple of reasons why. One, you learn more about the platform and more about your audiences and what they respond to. You rather have an understanding of all that information or that data before you need to switch it on in a campaign. So you’re already armed to make better decisions. Which type of creative did they respond to? What kind of image of their images or videos? Are there more male or female in their actions? Who’s my type of customer? What are they actually interested in?


So if your pool ways, advertising, you’re always collecting this kind of information for your audience. Second part of that is you’re always builders, accordions. If you’re advertising or running video, if you use your campaigns and people are interacting with your content, you are broadening the network of people that we can tap into when it comes to creating custom audiences. So the more people who’ve interacted with your Instagram posts, your website have built on your email list, the more people you have in your network, the more people you can retarget. When you want to switch on a much more driven or conversion based campaign. Number three, the platform is always learning. You’re always feeding Facebook and it’s incredible AI. It’s a doctor that it needs to help you make decisions. So if Facebook is always getting to learn more about your audience and your business and how people and your customers are responding to it, it’s going to continue to get, it’s going to get more mature, it’s going to get a better understanding of you.


The relationship builds on both sides, so you always want to be advertising, always, always, always, always have some form of activity running. Now, I know for some small businesses you’re like, but I need to save my dollars. What are going out here? You can advertise on the platform for $1 a day. Your minimum spend could be 30 bucks for the month. Okay? You can keep your costs low, but you should still be exploring this. The way we explain where we tried to just work with our customers to do this is we tell them spend every month what you kind of forward to live. So if that money you were putting into the platform wasn’t doing anything but just gathering intelligence and helping build your audiences and doing stuff, it’s a worthwhile spend even if it’s mostly with returning review right now. So you might allocate a couple, like maybe you put 200 bucks into your Facebook ads per month and then when you have a big launch or a big campaign, that’s when you really start to expect things.


But what you’re going to have is a couple of months without $200 spent on that. Some picking up those learnings and helping you when it is time to switch on the bigger campaigns. So as I say, guys, I don’t care if it is just a buck a day you want to be spending on the platform. Remember, you’re looking at this as a longterm. It is always an investment in your business. It is always an investment into your channels. You are always producing content and you are always doing brand awareness activities. That’s it. That’s the nature of your business. Every single day. No business can afford to go, no, I don’t need any more customers. Let’s shut the doors. Let’s make sure people don’t know about us. So the smartest thing you can be doing with the platforms is to consistently be advertising. Now we’re listening very carefully because of hunted.


Lindsay’s going to lay some truth bombs on you. If anybody tells you that you don’t need to spend money on the Facebook platform to be successful, they are fucking lying to you. I am. I’m no main say organic strategies are dead on placement. If they’re not, you can still get great results. You can still make sales with really great quality organic content. You can be leveraging your networks. You can be working in through groups. It could be posting for it. Stuff that is also, I’m not saying organic doesn’t work, but if anybody tells you you don’t need to spend on the platform to be successful, they are limiting your potential because if you can be successful without spending any money, if you can get some organic growth and get some traction, we can get some sales without spending any money. Imagine how good it could be if you even are willing to invest a dollar a day into the platform.


So anybody who says you can just do organic on this is a fucking dinosaur from the stone ages who doesn’t understand the Facebook platform. Yes, it is a pay to play place, but the rewards are phenomenal. You want Facebook’s AI and machine learning to start understanding more about your customers and how they show how they work, how they interact. You want that outside. You let his help make more and considering it will cost you a minimum of $1 per day to start tipping your toe in that place. I think it is one of the smartest and safest investments for a business to do it. So again, all of these so-called want to be experts with the pretty Instagrams who says that they can teach you in seven steps to $1 million organically. It’s off. Okay, you are killing me into stream. You are not helping businesses by saying that you can only be organic.


I believe in both. I believe you’re a Gallic will benefit your paid, but your paid strategy or social is what is going gonna help skyrocket your results and your success. So don’t be cheap as fuck. We’re spending something on these platforms please and be patient. Biggest thing you’ve got to be with this guys is patient. You cannot hurry the connection you make with another human. You can’t hurry that. You can help it. You can help build trust. You can work at the relationship, you can do more things to make that relationship more successful, more fulfilling and more connected with your customers. You can take more opportunities to build more relationships. What you cannot rush is the outcome of that relationship because at the end of the day, guys, social platforms or dealing with people, it’s a Parson. At the end of that buying decision and how much they like you and how much they trust you is not something we can just hack the algorithm and cheat the system and throw money at and make happen.


Social media is absolutely alone term game and guess what? When you first start, that’s the worst time, the worst time your first campaign is your worst campaign and here’s why you don’t have rich valuable data to work from. You don’t have benchmarks in your costs and Walt’s a good cost and what’s bad cost. You haven’t exhausted all of the different options and optimizations. Your Facebook itself is still learning about your advertising and your audience. So your first set of campaigns or your worst times, but you’ve got to stick at it and we go to see, willing to test and learn and test and learn and they get better. And trust me guys out there is agency learning, working with an agency. This is so true. Your first month with an agency should be the worst month results I deliver for you. And that’s hard and it’s so hard when you’ve got to try and explain to clients that as well because trust me, they all want results in the first month and you’re just going to go in and say, Hey, I don’t know.


I actually don’t know what I can deliver for you. Just let me try this wrong. I don’t be able to turn around and get to tell you what I can do with whatever your budget is over a month. And then I have some data that I can make my next set of decisions from and I’ll be able to benchmark whether we were more or less successful in the right ways for us to move and change and optimize on the platforms. So you just got to get your teeth into it and you’ve got to do it guys, you’ve got gotta do it. As I say, I’m giving you the sermon day. I’m singing it from the mountain tops cause I’m fucking sick of answering this question. You have got to be in this game. This is not slowing down. This is not going away. It’s, I don’t care if you’ve tried a campaign before and maybe you’ve paid an agency a ton of money before, they didn’t get you the results you wanted.


Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means you haven’t found a way to make it work yet. Try something else. Quality in your content, quality in your communications and think of it as a long term relationship building game. This is like building a relationship with people and people come into your business and the face to face service. I mean those things coming to shell, building a relationship with a customer, it is no different. It’s just an opportunity to do this at scale. It’s a relationship game at scale and that’s literally all social media is so please don’t get disheartened. Please don’t give up. Please stop thinking you don’t have to pay it until this platform and police. Please, please understand that your results will get better and smarter and more successful over time, but you’ve got to give it that time for us.


All right, so enough of the sermons where the medicine tops. As always, guys, I invite you to connect with us. I invite you to send me a PM a DM. Let me know what you think of this episode. Let me know if you have any questions and if you want ongoing support. We’ve just launched our brand new mentorship program. It’s cool. The nerd for $29 a month. You’re going to get access to me on office hours. We can have a chat over your individual campaigns. You’re going to get free content followers every month. You’re going to get advice and support. You’re going to get all the latest updates on social media every single week. It’s pretty fricking Epic and you want to be in second to flow social.com. Need to check out all the details of the nerd hearts so you can get more involved and being socially medial.

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