Calm your farm people, Facebook’s algorithm claiming to limit your news feed to only 26 people is a load of bollocks. Messages like the aforementioned one are again circulating because people (and by people, we mean pretty much every one of your friends) is posting without checking whether there’s any truth to it. It’s a hoax—completely unfounded. This is why fake news and scams catch on like wildfire.

How fake news and scams spiral out of control

According to Big Think, the average number of friends a person has on Facebook is 338, so if all your friends see it (not just 26 of them) and they share it, it doesn’t take long for it to spiral out of control. Facebook’s algorithm is a hundred times more complex than limiting your newsfeed. Like the Colonel Sander’s secret herbs and spices, Facebook’s algorithm is not shared around. So anyone touting Facebook changes is talking through a hole in their head (and that’s putting it nicely!).

The rumour stemmed from Facebook’s announcement that was shaking things up by changing the algorithm so people saw more from their friends and family, as opposed to advertising.

Examples of social media posts you should research before sharing

You may see posts like Jetstar’s giving away 45 free first class tickets to anywhere in the world for people who like and share the post, or Apple’s giving away 500 iPads. Or scaremongering as in people are handing out perfume cards which render you unconscious and you wake up with both kidney’s gone. Before you hit the like or share button, do your research to prevent the spread of scams, hoaxes, and fake news. The easiest way is to copy and paste it into Google or head to a website like Snopes, which has a list of the latest hoaxes and scams.

How does the Facebook algorithm really work?

What fills your news feed is decided by what you like, share, comment on and the friends you regularly contact. If a mate’s posts aren’t showing up in your newsfeed, stalk them on Facebook to see if they’ve unfriended you or have disappeared from social media land completely. If they’ve been posting stuff and you’ve been missing it, simply comment on a recent post or like something, and sure as eggs, you’ll soon start seeing them pop up in your feed again.

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