We spent the weekend at FILEX – one of the largest conferences and trade shows for the Fitness Industry in the world. It was full of brands coming up with exciting and unique ways of encouraging visitors to interact with them and follow them on social media. Here are some of the top techniques to encourage social interaction we saw at the event.

  1. Use a competition or giveaway to encourage social following. We saw lots of stands offering free samples, prize draws and goodie bags in return for likes and follows on social media. This practice is called like baiting and its forbidden to run this now directly on your Facebook page but it can still be run in this direct way. Now there is no way of knowing if these likes will become engaged and loyal fans or if they just wanted the free stuff but if you can convert a portion of them into avid followers of your brand their may still be some value in this.
  2. Display your social media handles on your branding. We liked this short and sweet Example from Australian Torsion Bars. Handles need to be clear and punchy and they allow passersby to find you faster on social media. Smart use of branding but may not get you hundreds of new followers.
  3. Run a competition that requires social participation to enter. These kind of competitions like ” tag us in your pics and we will pick a winner” are great as they encourage followers to interact with your brand, users create your content and they have good organic reach – all kind of win win for social media. Make sure if you do run this type of competition you still adhere to state gaming rules for your location and that you high light and re-share the content from your winner
  4. Use your Influencer’s to help promote the event and create opportunities for social sharing. At the fitness event we saw unbelievable ( and we mean crazy, scary big )  queues of people waiting in line to have a picture taken with their favorite Body Builders or Fitness Models. There is no denying that this created a huge hype and social interaction for the  Body Building supplement companies who engage these Influencer’s.
  5. Stand out from the crowd and where you can be visually engaging. If you have a visual product or can create a visual experience with your brand or product do it! This tea company’s stand was captured many times and shared on social as its just so visually engaging. 
  6. Offer an experience or interaction people will want to talk about. Sports product-  Deep Heat created a massage tent and it got people talking . People will talk about experiences and events on social so if you can provide something sensory or experiential people with share socially.
  7. Team up with a charity and or partner in an event. If you can’t create an event yourself you could partner with a charity or event and will be able to leverage some of the attention created on social media. Here is fitness equipment TechnoGym company hosting and supplying treadmills for a new world record to be set for a Cancer Charity. Without doubt they would have benefited from the social exposure whilst supporting an incredible event for a great cause. Be  aware if you do partner with a charity or community event to be tasteful and sensitive when promoting your involvement via social media. 
  8. Have a giant blood covered statue of Arnie on your stand???  Okay – we didn’t understand this one but it did get us talking about it so it does kind of work. As United Airlines will vouch – not all publicity is good, be careful if you try to create a talking point it can be both positive or negative on social media – choose wisely. 
  9. Have your hashtag in giant foam letters!This was our absolute favorite example of encouraging social media interaction at and event. Now we may be slightly biased here but our awesome clients Australian Fitness Network ( hosts of FILEX ) nailed this by having large foam hashtags placed around the event and encouraged people to take pictures with them and share via the hashtag. Simple and very very effective ( NB- we take absolutely no credit for this one as it was their idea but we still love it)