The Summary

Lynsey shares how to create a social media strategy deck for clients or for your own business based on her years of being a successful Social Media Strategist for some of the largest global brands. This episode will cover how to start working with clients on a strategy deck and what to include in your auditing and research stage.

The Episode

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Key Takeaways

  • Start with a deep dive conversation to under the working aspects of their business, their current frustrations, the capacity of their team and the outcomes they want to drive.
  • Next audit their social media platforms to get a really good sense check of where they performance is currently at and any issues or set up errors
  • Research their competitors, look at their potential market and look for trends
  • Profile and build out audiences for their ideal customer so you can see the size ( this will help with budgeting ) and look at the audience behaviours in Audience Insights
  • Look at their organic social media strategy and make recommendations around their content strategy
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