Looking for content marketing inspiration? Learn from the best.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from some of the best examples in content marketing? We’re not suggesting you plagiarise, because you’d get into trouble but you take on board ideas and brainstorm to adapt them to your brand. You’ll also see from the examples chosen that content marketing is not simply blogging or making live videos, and you don’t always need to spend lots of money. So, let’s take a closer look.


HubSpot develops and markets software solutions for inbound marketing and sales. Tired of cold-calling, direct marketing and emailing not delivering the results they were looking for, they decided to create an online community. What started out as a tiny blog with no budget became a living, growing and thriving community attracting more than 1 million page views on a monthly basis.

HubSpot answers their potential client’s problems and has established themselves as a leader in the marketing realm. You only have to look at their blog to see the diverse range of eye-catching headlines. There are even free takeaways such as downloadable ebook templates and strategies for clearing your inbox. All blog articles meet Google’s best practices and are optimised in a way to convert traffic to sales. HubSpot have truly established themselves as a market leader. It would be a crime to talk about examples of content marketing done well, and not include them at the top of the list.


We can’t talk about content marketing without mentioning Blendtec. #killingit. Honestly, unless you’re a master-chef wannabe there is nothing remotely interesting about blenders. That is until you start putting crazy-ass objects in them and using humour. More than 878,000 people subscribe to Blendtec’s YouTube channel called ‘Will it Blend?’
Their slapstick videos are pulling in up to 18million views. You may not be in the market for a blender, but when it comes to remembering what brand to buy, you’re not likely to forget.

Pizza Hutt

Mmmm who doesn’t love pizza! It’s the perfect break-up food so best-selling author Rosie Waterland found out when she tweeted about being dumped and ghosted. Pizza Hutt’s next move was something we can only describe as ingenious. They offered to send her a pizza to help with the breakup “Thick or thin, in crust we trust. DM us so we can send you a little something.”

Rosie gladly accepted and needless to say the post went viral and also made the world headlines. It just goes to show content marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be able writing fantastic blogs or making hilarious videos.

 ALS Association

Who? What? Before the ice bucket challenge, it’s like unlikely you would have heard of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The ice bucket challenge was created to encourage donations for research until there is a cure. No one could have predicted the popularity of filming a bucket of icy cold water over your head would have. The idea caught on like wildfire and even saw celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise and Bill Gates posting their contributions and challenging others to give it a go. This proves you don’t need a big budget to produce content and the value of user-generated content.

Coca Cola

Yes, they have a huge budget and are world renowned, but there’s one thing that they’re amazing at and that costs nothing—story telling. You don’t need a million dollar marketing strategy to tell stories. Coca Cola doesn’t sell their product. They sell a lifestyle. From their 1998 “Dumb things” campaigns with mates sandboarding to their share with a friend 2018 commercials, the one consistent theme is they all tell a story, providing a solution to a problem.

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