How to write content for search engines.

Every second Google processes an average of 40,000 searches. To ensure the king of the search engines delivers useful and relevant results in a blink of an eye, Google developed a complex calculation (algorithm) to determine you are getting what you are looking for (Search Engine Optimised content). For Google to pull up your website content, blogs or articles needs to be:
1) Written for humans—not padded with your keyword every second or third word.
2) Be useful
3) Be unique—there’s no point copying large chunks of anyone else’s website. It won’t help your search results.

What type of content does Google prefer?

To create the type of content Google likes you need to make sure it is:

  • Informative
    Think about the 5 W’s and the H while writing your content—what, when, why, who, where and how. If you’re writing a website for your gym or personal training business, including all the information potential clients will look for such as location, hours, prices, services and why they should choose you above anyone else.
  • Unique angle
    The addition of a blog or news tab on your website will provide an outlet for you to upload relevant content. By providing a unique angle and deep-diving into worthwhile topics, Google and your clients will see you as an expert on your subject.
  • Trustworthy
    Using reliable sources, original studies such as polls, reviews, links, and real customer testimonies will boost your credibility and genuineness.
  • Quality
    Content should be well-written, original and not duplicated across numerous websites.
  • Encourages interaction
    Content should be engaging enough your readers feel compelled to share and discuss on social media.

Now you know what helps your content find its way on to the first pages of search results, get writing. We know not everyone was born a writer and that’s okay. That’s why at FloSocial, we have the expertise to write content for search engines. Whether it’s making sure your existing website content has SEO value, social media content or regular blogs, we can help. Talk to us today about your content writing needs.