The Summary

iOS14.5 is here! In this episode we discuss the changes, deadlines and new features rolling out in the wake of iOS14.5 as well as an algorithm change and a much needed new feature now available within Facebook

The Episode

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The Key Take Aways

  • iOS14.5 has rolled out and ad costs are starting to be effected. It’s too early to fully compare figures but acquisitions costs seem to be reported at around 15% – 20% more
  • Advertiser’s have until the 5th of May to update Pixel events and making use they are from a verified domain before they stop being available to use within ad sets. Facebook will pause ad sets with unverified pixel events after this date
  • Facebook ads manager now shows that some data is not available and statistical modelling may be used to calculate results.
  • Facebook has announced testing of new signals to change the feed algorithm – full announcement here –
  • Scheduling is available for stories now via the Business suite app!
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