Fake news, scams and hoaxes

Calm your farm people, Facebook’s algorithm claiming to limit your news feed to only 26 people is a load of bollocks. Messages like the aforementioned one are again circulating [...]

Stuck in a Posting Rut?

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How Creepy can you Get?

How Creepy can you get? Okay full disclosure here but we have used social media to politely stalk people ( not in an “I'm in the bushes outside your [...]

The New School on Hashtags

Hashtags have evolved and with the current changes to the Instagram platform, due to its merger and its acquisition from Facebook. The hashtag strategy that we've used previously may [...]

How to get more User Generated Content?

Want your audience being your advocates and doing most of the content creation hard work for you? This is not some weird Utopia that doesn’t exist. Many brands are [...]