An Introduction to Social Media

Social Media allows you to reach new customers and build a community with your clients.

Social media allows us to connect with people. It is a social platform that allows us to share information, educate, and inspire audiences previously out of reach through traditional marketing methods. Social media allows us to:

Share Information

Whether it is in short format tips, blogs, articles, video or photos, we can use social media to share knowledge and information.

Build Communities

Facebook allows us to build groups. We can create pages to share experiences and chat with like-minded individuals who share common goals. Feeling like part of a community and connecting with our audiences are two of the biggest ways social media can be used to encourage people to pursue their fitness goals.

Advertise and Promote

Facebook is the most sophisticated advertising platforms in the world. It has so much data on its users that it becomes powerful tool for advertising and marketing purposes. The best part is it’s completely accessible to all businesses with adverting rates starting from just $1 per day.

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Step into Life Social Media Rules

Your business’s Facebook page will be created by your State Office on your behalf.

You are not permitted to communicate or post relating to your business via any other Facebook page or profile.

The use of a profile (where people need to “friend” you) is not permitted, and using a profile to represent your business on Facebook instead of a Facebook page (where your audience “Likes” your franchise’s page) is a violation of Facebook Terms Of Service.

The National Marketing Team or your State Office may remove content from your Facebook page without notice if it does not meet the guidelines listed within this document; if it appears to conflict with the brand image and message; if it is offensive; or for any other reason that we see to be in the best interests of the brand.

The page is not “your page”, and remains the intellectual property of Step into Life.

It is a channel of communication that we provide to all business partners, and we expect all business partners to use it within the guidelines listed here.

Facebook Page Etiquette

All Step into Life business partners are brand ambassadors for Step into Life. As brand ambassadors, you must uphold our brand values throughout your business activities including social media activities. At Step into Life:

  • We offer a welcoming environment to all regardless of fitness level and training experience.

  • We offer training that is fun, entertaining and full of variety.

  • We offer group training only, always in an outdoors environment.

We do not offer or promote:
 Quick weight loss promises
 Body builder solutions

We ask all Business Partners to respect our brand in social media communications:

  • When using the Step into Life logo, do not distort or change the logo in any way.

  • When promoting Step into Life, always adhere to our brand values.

  • Always reference a creditable third party link in a post.

  • Never use a competitor’s third party image post and rebrand it as Step into Life.

  • Never share a fitness competitor’s post.

  • Don’t swear or use offensive language!


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