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There is no doubt that social media has changed our world and the way we interact and advertise. One of the most significant ways social media channels have impacted our world is through online retail. Facebook and Instagram lead the way in developing tools to facilitate more online sales and transactions via its apps and platforms.  This course will show you step-by-step the different tools and techniques available across these platforms to develop and scale your eCommerce stores.

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So why is social media is great for driving sales?

There are 3 key reasons why social media is da bomb for driving sales

1) Customer data

2) Meeting your audience where they hang out

3) Ease of access.

Customer data

Facebook has more customer data on its users than any other platform (FYI Facebook and Instagram are brother and sister and they share this info). It knows how its users live, what they like to do in their free time, who their friends are and which websites they like to visit and shop from – why?

Because we have been telling Facebook this stuff from the very day we signed up for an account. Now yes – that is kinda creepy but it’s actually a very good thing for both users and people trying to market to them. Data means Facebook knows what you will like and enjoy and keep the irrelevant and spammy ads away from you so you have a more enjoyable experience using the platforms and find more things you actually like.

Let’s say you decide to start running and start researching running workouts and apps, Facebook will tag your interests as running and so when a sports store has a sale on running shoes, it is likely to show you that advert because it already knows you like running. #winning
A win for you, the user, because you get cheaper running shoes!

As an advertiser, you win because don’t waste money trying to push adverts in front of people who are not interested in your product. You can get the right message in front of the right customer and save valuable dollars at the same time.

Being where your customers are scrolling

The rise of the smartphone has changed customer behaviour big time! With the internet at our thumb tips all hours of the day, we expect to be able to search, browse, and shop at anytime.  We look for faster service, faster delivery, and faster access to goods and services. The days of browsing paper catalogues, phoning in your order, and then waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive are gone now that smartphones have made us ultra-connected and pushed eCommerce forwards.

But what do we usually use our smartphones for? Social Media!!! In fact, 1 out every 5 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook and that number is only rising now with Instagram and other platforms becoming increasingly popular.

While our prospective customers are on their smartphones and browsing through social media, connecting with friends, reading articles, watching videos – ads that slide into their newsfeed on products and services that might interest them, may spike to curiosity to learn more. We are meeting them where they are spending their time instead of expecting them to come to us.

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Ease of Access

The Social Media platforms are bloody smart and they have created a whole suite of tools (that we are about to teach you how to use) that make shopping from social media platforms a seamless and fun experience. In fact, they are soooo smart that soon you will be able to shop directly from the Instagram feed without leaving the Instagram app at all! (More on this new feature rolling out soon later. It’s called Checkout and it’s cool!)

You can shop from a Facebook page, a many chat messenger bot, and your Instagram feed all with a few clicks – fast, easy, and very effective for online retailers!

Tools of the Trade

Before we can begin advertising your awesome eCommerce store using amazing social media ads you need to have 3 tools set up first. The rest we will teach you as we go.

You need to have the following:

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1. An eCommerce Website

Set up with products ready to sell and a checkout feature so people can buy stuff. There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms out there but the top players in the industry are:

Shopify is the largest platform in the eCommerce space and handles everything from a few items to enormous global brands

Can be a stand alone platform but is most the commonly used plugin for WordPress to turn a simple template site into an eCommerce platform

As described BigCommerce is able to handle simple sets ups to full scale stores

A medium to heavy weight platform that has many additional capabilities like inventory management – not ideal for a beginner

2. Your Instagram account set up as a business profile

Instagram has 3 versions of a profile

1) Personal is for the average user,

2) Creator is for Influencers and public figures

3) Business profile

The business profile is best for eCommerce stores. If you want the ability to sell via Instagram (and trust us – you do) you need to make sure your account is set up as a business account. This video will show you how.

3. Facebook Business Manager

To access the awesome eCommerce tools you need to go Facebook Business Manager (This is in addition to already having a Facebook page and ad account). This will allow you to create product catalogues and provides access to cool reporting tools. If you don’t have this set up or you need a bit of a refresher on how to use it check out this step-by-step article we wrote for Social Media Examiner

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