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It’s time to get social! Join in the conversation online and post content.

This is where a lot of businesses get social media wrong. They think social media gives them an the opportunity to advertise all the time—and it kind of is, but we’ve got to understand the other social side of these platforms. People don’t go on to social media to be sold to. It’s like thinking people watch television for commercial breaks. It’s important to offer our customers a bit more than simply adverts if we want them to pay attention to us, and that’s where content comes in.

When we offer our customers information, education, entertainment, tips and articles related to our business, they are more likely to want to talk to us on social media. It’s like the old sales rule—sell the solution to their problems, not the product. Social media is no different, we need provide solutions to problems. For example; what you can do for someone’s quality of life is more important than where they can find your services or how much it’s going to cost.

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So What is Content?

Basically if its educational, inspirational, entertaining and not just an advert for a product we can consider it as content.

Types of Content on Social Media:

  • Blogs and original articles
    These can be your own original blogs or newsworthy items you want to share from another site that may be of interest to your customers.
  • Pictures and infographics
    Quality images and visually digestible graphs and data.
  • Memes and funnies
    Images that are generally accompanied by humorous text and are highly shareable. These must be related to your business.
  • Videos
    Funny, useful or just entertaining video content is really powerful on social media. In fact to give you an idea of how many people are watching video content, each day YouTube user watch 1 billion hours of video—DAILY!

The Power of Content

The power of content

Think content isn’t useful for your business? Check out this article that tells the story of one business that boosted its profits by 700% without trying to sell and posting entertaining content

The Power of Content – the Blendtec Story

This next video will show you how to load content to Facebook including:

  1. How to schedule your content
  2. How to review your draft items
  3. How to load web links into Facebook.

We really LOVE the scheduling tool on Facebook. It’s a great timesaver when managing content. The best thing is you can post your week of content in one session. For example; if you are headed away on holiday and don’t want to worry about updating content, you can schedule it all, right down to the day and time it posts.

What is Meaningful Content?

When creating content for social media you need to remember, you are not posting just for the sake of it. You are trying to build a better relationship with your potential customers and current customers.  In fact, Facebook is pretty strict about how we use content on our pages and only gives preference to content it considers to be “meaningful”.

So, what does that actually mean for you? For content to be considered meaningful, Facebook watches to see if your audience responds and interacts with your content. People need to tag, share or comment on your content for it to be seen as useful or meaningful. The more it is liked, shared or commented, the more eyeballs will get to see it. If its boring, not relevant or too salesy—it’s likely your followers won’t interact with your content.  Ask yourself the following question before posting any piece of content:

  • Is this useful, funny or inspirational for my customers?

  • Am I adding value for my customers?

  • Is this the right time and way to give my customers this information?

  • Is this content a good reflection of my business, brand or personal beliefs?

How to Make Great Content – Ideas and Tips


While we really love business partners taking an initiative and posting original content such as photos of your members training hard, it’s also important that your post content meets a certain level of quality. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure this happens:


What to look for

If posting an image, make sure it’s in focus enough to see what’s going on, and that the lighting isn’t so dark that you can’t see what’s happening either. Use a flash if taking photos in evening light!


It's the spice of life

If you’ve taken a number of photos, only pick out the best ones and make sure they’re not all the same. That way, you’ll end up with Facebook content that features a variety of good quality content!


Are you focused or fuzzy?

Is the image high-resolution enough? Most photos taken with modern smartphones allow for this, but you can encounter trouble when you start cropping and zooming in on photos you’ve taken.


are you featured?

Always write a brief but descriptive caption with your photos! Include yourself in photos as much as possible and always wear Step into Life uniform so that you are clearly identifiable.

If you’re unsure of what sort of photo content you should be posting, draw some inspiration from these suggestions based on successful examples posted by numerous business partners already:

  •  A new member in their Step into Life shirt, with a caption to briefly introduce them to the rest of your Facebook community
  • Members who have just received a new Training Club award—make sure you are in the photo with them!
  • Before and After photos—if you have a new member, ask to take a photo of them at the start of their first session. When they reach their goals with you, take another, and post the photos together!
  • A beautiful sunrise/sunset behind your members as they train
  • Members training hard to highlight particular class types
  • Trainers and/or members participating in community events such as a fun run.

Your Facebook Page provides you with a great opportunity to motivate, congratulate, welcome, celebrate, alert, educate and connect with your existing members while promoting your Business to potential members.

Testimonials and reviews are a public forum to let your members know you’re proud of their hard work, motivate them to reach their goals, encourage congratulations from your Facebook community when a member achieves a goal, celebrate special events, let them know about timetable changes and more.

A build-up of positive posts such as the above can allow potential members in the local area to get a taste of the welcoming and motivating Group Outdoor Personal Training experience that your franchise provides to its members.

Here are some great post examples from Step into Life business owners

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