Ads designed to Sell

The length of your sales cycle (the time it takes from someone to hear about you and then buy from you) will depend on the cost and demand for your product.

A larger item tends to be a more considered purchase whereas smaller or lower cost items can be impulse buys (your customer doesn’t need convincing to buy it).

The best way to cut down the length of your sales cycle and to make more conversion for your money is to build out a sequence or a funnel of adverts. It’s much easier to sell to people who already know about you and like or engage with your products than trying to sell to a “cold” prospect. This is where many marketers get it wrong. They try and go straight for the sale and not think about spending some time building a relationship and trust with the customer.  We use sales funnels and sequences of ads help build the relationship and ultimately improve the cost per conversion and volume of conversions you get from your ads.

Note – this course is designed to teach you about eCommerce and Social Media. If you want to learn more about Facebook ads – check out our Supercharge your Facebook ads course