Creating your Marketing Calendar

Planning ahead for greater success and smarter spending

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”

How successful would your clients be with their fitness goals if they didn’t have a set plan broken into macros and microcycles? What if they didn’t know what to do in each training session and what their goals were for the week? How likely would they be to achieve their goals?

Marketing is the same! You need to know what your biggest goals are before you can plan how to get there. This is the main stumbling block for most businesses. Social media marketing is often an afterthought and becomes too stressful because they there is no strategy behind what they’re doing. Posting randomly on the run and not seeing actual results takes more effort than a well thought out social media plan.

Planning is essential to success and in this next 4-step process, we are going to show you where to start and what to include.

Step 1 – Map out your Month

Take some time to look at the month ahead and see if their are any particular events or opportunities you need to take advantage of.

  • Do you always attend a particular race or event?
  • Do you have clients that prep for a certain competition?
  • When are your busy periods and quiet periods?

Taking some time to map out your month ahead will help you make better decisions and take the stress out of managing your social media channels.

Social Starter: Make A Plan

Step 2 – Map out Groups of Content

Social Starter: Map Out Key Sales Periods

Can you save time and make your content creation simpler by grouping it togther and tackling it in batches.

If you were going to film a video on an exercise – why not plan out and film 5 or 6 exercises in one session so you can use them over a few weeks?

Or if you are interviewing a new member for a tesimonial video – can you film a few members in one session?

How can you maximise your time and get more out of your content?

Step 3 – Add Client Retention Ideas  

What can you add to your calendar and post on  your Social media channels to help keep your current clients engaged.

  • Do you have an event you are planning on attending- could you involve your clients or form a team ?
  • Are you planning a members awards night or a Xmas party?
  • Do you run retreats or holiday specials?
  • Could you add some fun activities or team events for your members or PT clients?
Social Starter: Client Retention Ideas

Step 4 – Plan your week

Now you can create your next 3-month plan in much more detail and, start working on the content and scheduling it. 3 months is most efficient timeframe because:

  1. It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day.
  2. It frees you up to concentrate on other things if your content is ready and scheduled ahead of time.
  3. It allows you time to make the most of sale opportunities and test your funnels
  4. 3 months is long enough to be organised but not so long that you can’t be reactive or change tactic as you see what’s working
  5. It gives you time to explore themes and ideas

An Example of a Downloadable Content Calendar   Social Media Planner

More information  – Facebook’s very own online learning platform to show you how to do all things Facebook. It’s full of short videos and case studies – totes interesting! – Google’s guide on how to get creative with YouTube and the best practices for brands creating content. This is amazing for Vloggers! Snapchat’s guide to advertising with them. Only worry about this one if you advertise to younger audiences (most mums are not on Snapchat)

Tools and Tricks Amazing Instagram tracking tool to tell you more about your audiences, followers and preferred posts. Costs about $200 a year for the full version but great if your in food, fashion , homewares or fitness as these types of brands go nuts on Instagram! Super simple-to-use graphic design tool that allows you to quickly make social media banners, web tiles, and small graphic design jobs. Free version and full professional version costs about $12 a month The best Instagram scheduling tool—you cat set and forget it and the posts will be posted via the predetermined times. Costs about $50 a month. This is the best one we have found as it doesn’t need any further actions once scheduled. Be wary that some apps will say they schedule but still require you to log into your account and approve. Instagram scheduling in the platform will not be far away

Facebooks Ad Guide With sizes and specs for every type of advert.

Facebook Audience Insights tool

Facebook Pixel Checker on Chrome.  Transcription website that links to your rev app. This is possibly our favourite – you can record content into your phone and elves type it up for you and email it back to you (NB: May not actually be elves)

Apps you need

Facebook Page Manager – A dedicated app for managing your Facebook pages on the go.

Facebook Ads Manager app – An easy way to schedule ads from your mobile as well as access your tracking and insights.

Rev App – Record blogs, notes, and emails on the go. Record on your mobile and send off to be transcribed—cost is approx. $1 per minute—very fast and easy to use.

WordSwag – A basic picture editing app – ideal for adding text to images for Instagram

Repost – either a free or low-cost app that allows you to repost videos and images from other people Instagram accounts (Don’t ignore the copyright laws if you use this )

Legend – An app that helps turn pictures into videos for Facebook and Instagram – The ultimate Instagram scheduling tool

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