Assemble Your Armies

All the tools, tricks and planning for awesome Content.

So now we know what we want to say, why and how we want to say it, we need the tools to start creating Content.

In this module, we share our favourite tools for you to create awesomely awesome Content.

FloSocial Creating Content

Make Content Faster and/ or Prettier

Video editing apps


An easy to use video editing app that lets you cut, splice and overlay videos

Apple Store
Google Play

Filmora Go

Another easy to use video app for fast snips, cuts and edits on your phone

Apple Store
Google Play


Add captions to your videos instantly supporting 15 different languages

Apple Store
Soz – IOS only


Another app that adds captions in real time to videos as you talk with editable fonts

Apple Store
Google Play


Great for adding effects, overlays, voice overs and emojis to your videos

Apple Store
Google Play

Graphic Design and Pictures

Canva App 

All the amazingness of Canva in an app – links to your Canva account – epic!

Apple Store
Google Play


Take selfies to the next level with this power filtering and enhancing app

Apple Store
Google Play


Make your Instagram stand out by customising your fonts with Fontasia

Apple Store
soz – IOS only


Make stunning quotes  with wordswags huge library of backgrounds and styles

Apple Store
Google Play


A photography editing app for amazing photo editing that’s simpleish to use

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Google Play

Instagram Extras

Repost for Instagram

Legally share and repost insta pics by crediting the source with this app

Apple Store
Google Play


Hashtag research and suggestions to create better engagement on your posts

Apple Store
Google Play


A simple  layout and template tool for making beautiful Instagram Stories

Apple Store
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Adobe Spark Post

Create beautiful graphics and animations for Instagram stories

Apple Store
Google Play

Life Laspe

Make your stories stand out with stop motion graphics created with this  app

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Google Play


FloSocial Video

These handy tools can be used to create video across every channel, from Facebook to Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and more.

  • Youtube
    Use to create, post and share content for your business and brand with your very own customised channel. Keep the content coming, uploading regular videos and livestreams with clickable links, curated playlists or to advertise. Upgrade to the premium to download, have background play, access Youtube Music and be free of ads.

  • Vimeo
    Just like Youtube, use Vimeo to create, post and share video content for your business and brand with your very own customised channel for free. Launched by a community of film makers, Vimeo offers a platform for high definition content that is ad free. Go the premium route for extra storage space and privacy.

  • Videoshop
    A fast, free and easy video editor, Videoshop offers plenty of tools to take your videos to the next level, from subtitles to trimming, music integration, sound effects and more.

  • FilmoraGo
    Another free video editing app, Filmora enhances videos with more than 800 effects. Add text, titles, transitions, overlays and filters and use the music library for a professional edge to your vids.

No task to small, no service too obscure: when you need help to get the job done efficiently and expertly.

  • Fiverr
    As the largest marketplace for digital services, you can outsource every kind of job from graphic design to writing articles

  • 99designs
    Another home grown hero, the Melbourne-based creative platform globally connects designers to projects for creating designs, logos, websites and more

  • Airtasker
    Access thousands of skilled people locally or remote for your home and office tasks. From handyman jobs to data entry, an Airtasker can complete every kind of job.


10 Tricks To Content Production

1. Produce your content in batches
Rather than setting up each time to record a video, record and edit a bunch of them together. Then you can grab the ones you need as you go.

2. Inspire User Generated Content
Create competitions or an incentive to get your fans and followers to help with producing your Content

3. Repost and recycle
Yes, you can repost and recycle content! If previous Content has already worked really well, then give it 6 – 12 weeks and grab to post again

4. Repurpose content
Transcribe your videos, post as blogs and cut your longer videos down into shorter snippets for Instagram for a more effective content marketing strategy that pushes your message home

5. Use video to promote your blog
Videos are compelling to watch and effective to promote your blog. Take a quick 20 – 30 second video explaining the problem your blog explore and the solutions it uncovers

6. Pick a theme or topic
Each month, settle on a relevant theme or topic to the season, local news, FAQs or your clients’ needed, then tie your content around that

7. Curate and share Content from other pages
Comment on why you feel the Content useful and what you like about it

8. Interview experts
Invite industry experts or others in related fields of interest to your customers. Ask the questions you think your audience is interested in

9. Stay informed
Follow accounts and other people within your industry or similar industries and watch them for ideas and trending topics – it’s not copying, it’s market research

10. Experiment
Try shorter videos or longer videos. Write up list based blogs as the ‘Top 5 Ways To…’ or topic-based blogs. Test different images and copy to see what works best

The Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”

Could you prepare to run a marathon without a training plan? Could you cook a new dish without a recipe? Planning helps us reach the best outcomes, faster. And in Marketing, this is the same. You need to know what your biggest goals are before you can plan how to get there.

The main stumbling block for most businesses is when Social Media Marketing is an afterthought. This makes Social Media stressful, especially when randomly posting on the run with little results to show from all your efforts.

Planning is essential to success and in 4 easy steps, we show you where to start and what to do.

FloSocial Chatting Man
Social Starter: Make A Plan

Step 1: Map Out Your Year

We don’t mean to map out a full years’ worth of content. In fact we advise against this with the many frequent changes to Social Media platforms that could see your efforts wasted.

Rather, map out key dates, events, sales periods and anything else of significance to your business.

Do you always attend a particular event?
Are your clients busier in certain seasons?
When is your busy season?
When is your quiet season?

Taking time to map out your year ahead helps with making better decisions and taking the stress out of managing your Social Media channels.

Step 2: Map Out Key Sales Periods

Understand when your key sales periods are.
Perhaps you are busy after Christmas vacation, which means you may need to boost your sales around April.
Perhaps business needs 30 new leads a month.
Start placing time frames and key periods around when you need to be making the most sales.
Then consider the type of sales funnel to make these sales.

Social Starter: Map Out Key Sales Periods

Here is a sales funnel example identifying key dates for locking in a date to a members’ invite event.

  • Looking ahead to March, leads are slower and you need 20 x new clients to meet your KPI Key Performance Indicators.

  • February: open the top of your sales funnel to produce a series of video on the benefits of your product or service.
    These are then promoted across Facebook and Instagram Ads.

  • Mid-February: retarget the audience who have watched your videos and send them a Lead Ad offering a ‘Lead Magnet’.
    Collect emails from the Lead Ad.

  • Beginning of March: invite the new leads to a workshop, with a special offer for attendees the day they join up.

  • March: Watch the sales come in.

Without knowing when your key sales period fall, posting the videos in February would not extend to boosting your leads into a retargeted audience and drawing them into a lead.

Once key sales periods are identified, you can work backward with a plan for setting up your sales funnels.

Social Starter: Client Retention Ideas

Step 3: Add Client Retention Ideas

Having mapped out key events, sales periods and funnels, map out campaigns to post or promote on your Social Media channels to keep your current clients engaged.

Do you have an event you are planning on attending- could you involve your clients or form a team ?
Are you planning a customer awards night or a Xmas party?
Do you run retreats or holiday specials?
Could you add fun activities or events for your team and customers?

Step 4: Plan Your Next 3 Months

Now you can create your next 3 months plan in more detail and start working on an outline for your content with a schedule.

3 months is the most efficient timeframe because

  • It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day

  • Your time is freed up when your content is ready and prescheduled

  • There is more time to make the most of sale opportunities and testing your funnels

  • It’s long enough to be organised but not so long you can’t be reactive or change tactic to see what’s working and what’s not

  • More time can be used to explore themes and ideas

Social Starter: Plan Next 3 Months

Social Media Planner 

Use this simple Social Media Planner to schedule your content and ads each month.
It’s an old skool Google-sheet made pretty just for you, so you can just make yourself a copy and make it work for you.

Access an editable Social Media Planner

Happy Content Planning!