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If We Build It, They Will Come

With our channels set up, we now need to build our audiences and followers.

Here are the Top Tips for encouraging people to follow you on Social Media

  • Share Your Page
    Invite your friends, family and current customers to support you by Liking, Following and Sharing your Page.
    This is quite simple, but you will be amazed at how many business don’t start with this first when it’s the simplest and most powerful way to get your very first few followers.

  • Add Your Social Media Links To Your Website
    This is another simple, basic task which we often forget to include. Ask your developer to do this, or use a plugin or tool to add your Social Media (make sure you “Open link in a new tab” so clicking through to your Social Media links don’t take your users away from your site).

  • Utilise Your Existing Customer Base
    Send an email inviting and encouraging your database to follow you on Social Media. Be sure to also include your links somewhere in your email signature.

  • Display Signage
    If you have a store or place of business, display signs in-store, encouraging customers to Follow you for a reward. For example “Like us on social media and get 10% off your next service”. This also works really well for encouraging users to write reviews.

  • Be Authentic
    Whatever you do, NEVER ‘buy’ Followers or Likes for your Social Channels.
    It will make Advertising much harder for you – we’ll explain the full reasons why, later.

Be patient: We are dealing with people, real live humans, who we want to build connections –  not just numbers and data. It takes time to build trust so they connect with us and join us on social media. And the best way to build that trust is through great content.

In this module, we learn how to improve your content creation skills for Social Media with all the tools, strategies, knowledge and skills. 

   The Power Of Content

Will it Blend The content come back for BlendTec FloSocial Case Study
Will it Blend? The Content Come Back For BlendTec

Need convincing Content is useful for your business?

As the “world’s most advanced blenders”, Utah company Blendtec boosted its profits 700% by posting entertaining content without trying to do the ‘Hard Sell’. Blendtec became popular for its viral marketing campaign “Will It Blend” where Founder Tom Dickson blends different products from iPods to iPhones, marbles, golf balls, remote controls and more to prove how Blendtec blenders are built to last.

  • Read how powerful content can be with The Blendtec Story

Posting Content To Social Media

This is the time to Get Social, and join in the conversation online – by posting Content.

The “Hard Sell” in Posting is where businesses frequently get Social Media wrong. Since Social Media is seen as media, businesses see this an opportunity to just Advertise – which it is. But we’ve got to understand the other side of these platforms: the social aspect of Social Media. People don’t go on to Social Media to be sold to. It’s like thinking people watch television for the commercial breaks. We need to offer our customers more than Advertising if we want them to pay attention to us – and this is where Content comes in.

If we offer our customers information, education, entertainment, tips and articles related to our business on Social Media, they are more likely to engage with and talk to us. It’s the Golden Rule of Sales: sell the solution to their problems, not the product.

So on Social Media, we talk about the brand, product or service in ways solving problems – not just about where it can be bought from.

What The Heck Is Content Anyway?

If the information is educational, inspirational, entertaining and not just advertising a product, we can call it ‘Content’.

FloSocial Posting

Types Of Social Media Content

  • Blogs & News Articles
    These can be your own original blogs or newsy items you want to share from another site which will be of interest to your customers.

  • Pictures & Infograms
    Images or small amounts of text over pictures to share information are always visually engaging

  • Memes or Funnies
    Funny images and text to get shared around and are related to your business.

  • Videos
    Funny, useful or simply entertaining, Video Content is incredibly powerful on Social Media – likely the most powerful form of content available now.

How To Post Content

Posting To Facebook

You can schedule your content, review draft items and load website links to your Facebook.

We really like Facebook’s Scheduling Tool to save time for managing content. By scheduling, you can post your week of content all in one go to save you time and stress.

  • Watch this next video for step-by-step instructions on creating Facebook posts

Posting To Instagram

FloSocial Smartphone
  • Open your Instagram app and tap on the + at the bottom of the screen

  • Select either from Photos or Videos on your phone. You can Swipe to the middle to take a photo or Swipe Right for video

  • Once you have your content, tap Next. Here, you can add coloured filters or edit the post

  • Tap Next again to add a caption for your photos

  • Add anymore details like tagging people, adding a location or selecting to Share to Facebook – then hit Share

  • Return to your account and select the post once more. Beneath the post, add a Comment

  • Post in the Comments to write your hashtags here.

Awesome Tips

Need to understand #hashtags?

  • Read our guide on the how, why and what with #hashtags

hashtags are cool mmky FloSocial Branded
How To Write Perfectly Awesome Hashtags

Need content inspiration?

  • Read this article for ideas on different types of content you can create for yourself
Couch FloSocial Branded
7 Social Media Content Themes That Never Fail

What is Meaningful Content?

When it comes to creating Content for Social Media, remember you are not Posting simply for the sake of it. You are trying to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Facebook is quite strict about how we use Content on our pages, giving preference to Content it considers “meaningful”. So what does this actually mean?

For Content to be considered meaningful, Facebook is watching to see if your audience responds to that Content and whether they interact with it. People need to Like, Tag, Share or Comment on your Content for it to be considered useful or meaningful then featured in the newsfeed. If Content is bad, boring or too salesy, Facebook won’t let it go anywhere.

These are handy questions to ask yourself before posting any piece of Content

  • Is this useful, funny or inspirational for my customers?

  • Am I adding value for my customers?

  • Is this the right time and way to give my customers this information?

  • Is this content a good reflection of my business, brand or personal beliefs?

FloSocial Chatting Man

Happy Content Making!