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Insta Influencers have boomed into the marketing and PR world with the rise of Instagram’s popularity. Quite simply, an Influencer is a person with an engaged following on Instagram. Their audiences are ‘influenced’ by their actions, creating a social currency to work with brands and services to promote and sell more products. If an Influencer loves a product and showcases it from their channel, chances are their audience will follow suit.

But holes in the Instagram platform are allowing dodgy companies to sell Likes and Followers created by pesky Autobots, placing the Influencer Industry into disrepute. Despite the fakery, attention seekers and scammers in this space, Influencers are a very real, and very powerful industry. For proof, look at Snapchat share prices after Mega-Influencer Kylie Jenner declared Snapchat dead following an unpopular platform update – stock prices plummeted from just one @KylieJenner tweet #dontpissoffthejenners

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Influencer Notes & Tips

  • Size doesn’t really matter.. kinda…
    Influencers with highly-engaged followers are likely to be better than Influencers with large followings

  • Influencers are not just Celebrities
    Anyone who is a public figure, thought leader, educator or social commentator within their industry can be an Influencer

  • A Career
    Influencers can make a career from promoting across their Instagram pages, being paid incredibly well for posting and producing content

  • Managing Influencers
    Influencers are often managed by PR companies and hired for specific events, launches and occasions

How To Find An Influencer

These are the questions you need to ask yourself first.

Decide why you are working with an Influencer.
What is your goal and how will they help you reach that goal?
Influencers are great for building awareness and trust in your brand, but they might not be right if your goal is a short sales-driven campaign. Think of their work as more of a slow burn.

Consider who is best to represent your brand.
Just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they will connect with your customers. Working with the wrong influencer can damage both your and  the influencer’s brand. It’s like when you see celebrities on dodgy TV commercials for a product they clearly don’t care about. It comes across as fake and inauthentic. You need to think about who your customer will like and be inspired by.

Set a budget
Form a spending plan, understanding that seeing direct results from your spend will take time.

  • Large Influencers tend to have PR, talent agencies or managers looking after them. You can find where to submit or email your requests from their website. Or you can work with a PR or talent agency to find the right Influencer for you.

  • Influencer Marketing Platforms and Apps such as Tribe allows you to post jobs for Influencers to come to you with content ideas. Set your budget and guidelines, then vet submissions until you find the right person.

  • DM or approach Instagram accounts you want to work with. Keep your approach professional  – it may come off a bit creepy when DMing a random stranger and asking for pictures.

  • Look at your current followers – they already love your products and service. Can you turn them into champions for your brand?

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How To Work With An Influencer

There are plenty of horror stories where companies have paid a fortune to not receive the expected content. Working with an Influencer is like working with any other contractor. You need a set of guidelines and conditions so everyone knows exactly where they stand, what is expected, by when. You are best putting this into a service agreement or contract with both parties signing.

Follow these 5 steps to avoid the pitfalls of the Insta Influencer World

  • Vet their accounts before hiring.
    Influencers can provide you with screen shots of engagement rates available within the Instagram platform. Or you can sign up to a service like Q- 83 allowing you to view their account and growth – so you can see if they bought any followers. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from other brands they’ve worked with.

  • Check their other channels.
    Are they big only on Instagram, or do they have a big YouTube following too? Understand what they can bring to the party so you can make full use of their reach.

  • Brief them
    Present instructions on the types of content, images, creative, copy and hashtags you want used. Let them know if your brand is  conservative or if they can be adventurous.

  • Agree on Posts
    Some influencers may take Posts down or only keep the Post live for a certain period. Also make sure to come to an agreement for sharing their posts to your own channel or potentially using it across other channels.

  • Agreements
    Agree on times, dates of content to be delivered and posted, fees and payment terms while including any penalties or breaches. For example, if you’re a charity and the Influencer breaks the law, how does this negatively effect you? Does this mean you are still required to pay them? Can you seek compensation from them for damaging your reputation? You can also take into consideration any exclusivity conditions and for how long these conditions are in place.

How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram Advertising is linked and controlled through your Facebook Ads Manager, though you can build and set up a limited  number of advertisements or promotions within the Instagram platform. Just as with Boosting a Facebook Post, building Instagram Ads are short cut ways to promoting your content. We still recommend using Facebook to deliver advertisements to your Instagram audience.

The Promotions feature within Instagram allows you to send

  • Visitors to your Instagram Profile

  • Traffic to your website

  • Customers to your shop

  • DM’s across Instagram

  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions to building a promotion campaign on Instagram

How To Link Instagram & Facebook

To access advertising features such as your saved and custom audiences, set up a campaign and create an Ad for Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager. Keep in mind only advertisement types suitable for mobile can be shown on Instagram. Select your Ad from inside the Placement section of the Facebook Ad Creator. But before you can create Ads within Facebook for Instagram, your Facebook and Instagram accounts need to be linked.

  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions linking your Instagram Account to your Facebook Business Page.

How To Create Instagram Engagement

Just as you can within Facebook, your Facebook Ads Manager allows you to find and retarget people for a custom audience who have engaged with your Instagram Business Profile.

  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on creating custom audiences for engagement on Instagram.

How To Access Instagram Analytics

Instagram has its very own built-in Analytics to track your Account’s overall performance as well as your Post’s Reach and Discovery. This data is limited however, only showing the last 7 days of data without offering any filters to refine the information. You can, however, see insights into how people interact with your Profile, a basic overview of your audience and where they come from. There are insights into your Posts, including how people discovered them, whether from their news feed or from your hashtags – particularly great for checking how effective your hashtags are.

  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions to access and understand your analytics on Instagram.

Useful Resources

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  • CutStory For Instagram Stories
    This App chops your videos into 15 second sections so you can upload a nice smooth video experience to Instagram Stories without the gaps or awkward stops.

  • Repost
    Share publicly-posted content such as images, videos and captions to Instagram. Be sure to make use of Repost’s built-in Photo Credit that reflects the Instagram handle from the original Poster.

  • Iconosquare Pro
    An indepth Instagram Analytics Program, Iconosquare allows you to track your account growth, Reach and Post engagement.

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