Success With Stories

In 2016, Instagram put Snapchat into a choke hold by releasing it’s own version of short shelf-life content: Instagram Stories.

An Instagram Story is short video or image that once posted, lives on the feed for 24 hours before disappearing (into our page archives). They play sequentially and have many features to make them more engaging. In fact, they have become so utilised that Facebook/ Instagram opened them up to the advertising platform, allowing Instagram Story Ads.

So Why Post A Story Rather Than A Post?

An Instagram Story is great way to take you audience behind-the-scenes and show them the day-to-day or special moments from your business.
An Instagram Post lives forever on your feed and should be more polished, ready to stand the test of time.

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How To Post An Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are popular with lots of fun features to play with.

  • Watch these next 2 videos for step-by-step instructions on the basic features of Instagram Stories, and how to Post a Story on Instagram.

Fun Instagram Story Features

Following are all the fun features of Instagram Stories. Get amongst it and try for yourself.


Draw or write text over a plain background to create your Story.


Select an image, tap on the pencil button and select your colour. Hold your finger on the screen until it fills with your selected background colour.


Get interactive with Polls, Sliders and Questions to encourage audience engagement. You can share their Replies and Comments, or answer any questions privately via DMs.


Use the Type feature to change up Fonts on your Posts.


Have fun with the Face Filters, which are set using Augmented Reality to follow your facial features … umm just like Snapchat…


Go “Live” for up to 1 hour on Instagram Stories, interacting with those watching you.

Story Highlights

While Instagram Stories can be viewed on the Instagram feed for 24 hours, what if you want to keep your Story for longer?
Instagram archives your Stories. You can also add your favourite Stories to the Story Highlight Section from your Profile.

Adding Instagram Stories Highlights is a great way to categorise and bring more life to your Stories. It can become a fun, interactive section for your audience as a permanent Story collection of curated clips that live permanently on your profile until they’re deleted. You can also create a Show Reel to showcase your brand – or post pictures of other people’s dogs, just like we do.
  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions to creating Highlights from your Instagram Stories

Apps To Make Instagram Stories More Awesome

Use these handy Apps to easily take your Instagram Stories from great to sensational.

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  • CutStory for Instagram Stories
    If you film a video longer than the allowed 15 seconds, CutStory nicely slices the video into neat little 15 second chunks, allowing your video to play continuously

  • Skakr
    An awesome app for creating and adding fun, animated elements to your vertical videos.

  • Adobe Spark
    Similar to Shakr, Adobe Spark helps with creating cool visual content

  • Repost For Instagram
    Not just for Stories, but very helpful to share and repost other people’s Instagram Posts and Videos – with permission of course.


Like Stories, but longer. And less fun.


In 2018, Instagram launched a new App called Instagram TV – or IGTV. Based on the success of Stories and the rise in popularity and consumption of video content, Instagram wanted to create a video platform. It would be just like a self-serve TV station, allowing users to post longer formats of video.

IGTV allows special selected creators to post videos for up to an hour long, and the average creator to post video up to 15 minutes long.

How To Get Instagram TV

  • Download the App from Google Play or the Apple Store on itunes.

  • Login to your Instagram Account to set up your channels.

  • Record or upload a video you have previously recorded.

IGTV Pointers & Notes

  • Be broadcaster beware: IGTV is not showing up to be a widely-used or well-liked platform just yet.

  • IGTV Usage is proving very low so far. By requiring a separate app, users are being put off having to use 2 different apps to produce and watch content.

  • Features are limited, with the App not very intuitive with navigation

  • The shorter format of Stories remains more popular than longer video format.

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Happy Instagram Story-ing!