Client Retention with Social Media

How to use Social Media Platforms to improve your client retention

Social media is a place to connect and chat with like-minded individuals. It is a powerful tool for keeping clients engaged, informed and motivated, but a surprisingly small number of fitness professionals are using it for this reason.

Clinical studies show social media can positively influence exercise adherence and facilitate behavioural change. Read more about this here.

You may only see your clients 1- 2 times a week, but it’s almost guaranteed they will access social media platforms a lot more than that. It’s a great opportunity to engage with them and keep you at the forefront of mind.

Strategy 1 – Set up a Facebook Group.

Set up a Facebook Group for your members

In light of the recent changes to Facebook, posts from business pages don’t get as much attention anymore in the news feed. One of the best ways to make sure the content you are producing gets seen by your members is to create a group and post it there. Group members tend to be more engaged and more likely to see the content you share. Being part of a group as opposed to just liking a page is help clients feel like they are part of something special.

In this next video, we will show you how to set up a Facebook group and manage some of the features

Hanging Tough FloSocial

What kind of content should you post to keep your clients interested?

Think about how you can add value to your clients. What will help them get to their goals and help them live healthier lives?

  • Break down of exercises
  • Workout routines
  • How to use new equipment
  • Recipes
  • Training tips

Strategy 2 – Encourage Social Sharing

Encourage your members to share their stories with other members to build a sense of community. It allows members to share their feedback and feel heard

Ways to encourage social sharing:

  • Use a club hashtag and promote it within your gym, on your website and other social media channels. Encourage people to share with you using the hashtag and repost any useful content from your member (tag them in and credit them for the post). Remember hashtags only work if you promote them and you spread them through your own social media channels, maybe even in print and other visible formats within your club. Include your hashtag on any branded material or create branded tagged material.
  • Run a competition. It could be post as simple as posting a picture of your branded club water bottle in the most usual/picturesque location. The winner might get a month’s free membership or a free PT session. Perhaps it’s a caption this photo or a workout selfie at your facility accompanied by your designated hashtag in exchange for a nutrition and workout plan.

Strategy 3 – User Generated Content

User-generated content is posts club members/clients create for you. This can be anything from tagging you in a post on social media, writing articles and reviews for you. You can share this type of content to your own social media channels if you either ask permission or tag them in the content when you post it (also known as crediting). This type of social sharing is commonplace and most people will be happy for you to share their content. Always ask for written permission from parents if you are sharing images of children under 18 years of age. You can use apps to help share content from Instagram. Our favourite is called Repost or you can ask your client to send you the content to share.

User-generated content is beneficial for you in 3 ways:

  1. It takes pressure off you to produce content such as write blogs, think of competitions and make videos all of the time. It will save you time and money
  2. It creates a sense of belonging. Your clients and club members feel involved and that they have a voice in your community
  3. It allows different viewpoints and ways of sharing information that can appeal to more people.

Check out this article for more info about Creating User Generated Content 

Strategy 4 – Activate your Events

If you run an event, open day or club competition, make sure you are creating opportunities for your members to get involved with you on Social Media. Social media can be used to advertise your events but also share content after the event to encourage social sharing.

Here are 5 ideas for you to encourage users to share your events:

  1. Offer a prize for the most creative picture.
  2. Create a photo booth, back drop or podium where your clients can take pictures together
  3. Hire a photographer ask or ask a friend or club member to be the “team Photographer” for the day.
  4. Dressing up, team uniforms and charity events are great ways of creating fun team bonding ideas and encouraging members to get involved.
  5. Have an event hashtag and make sure you share the tagged images through your social media channels.

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