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When it comes to creating Content for Social Media, remember you are not Posting simply for the sake of it. You are trying to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Facebook is quite strict about how we use Content on our pages, giving preference to Content it considers “meaningful”. So what does this actually mean?

For Content to be considered meaningful, Facebook is watching to see if your audience responds to that Content and whether they interact with it. People need to Like, Tag, Share or Comment on your Content for it to be considered useful or meaningful then featured in the newsfeed. If Content is bad, boring or too salesy, Facebook won’t let it go anywhere.

These are handy questions to ask yourself before posting any piece of Content

  • Is this useful, funny or inspirational for my customers?

  • Am I adding value for my customers?

  • Is this the right time and way to give my customers this information?

  • Is this content a good reflection of my business, brand or personal beliefs?

The next two modules will present all the tips and tricks you need to create useful, meaningful and engaging Content.

The Who, Why, What & How Of Content Creation

When creating Content, it’s important to first ask Who, What, Why and How.

Who are we creating this content for?
We might have different types of customers or audiences we want to connect with. When it comes to relaying a message, different audiences will react differently. Would a younger customer respond to the same piece of content in the same way as an older customer? Do male and female customers prefer different details about the same product or service? We start by thinking about each customer group and how we connect with them.

What do you want to say to them?
What is the purpose of your content? What message or solution or information are you trying to relay with you content?

Why is it important to them?
This is critical. We can tell our customers what we want them to hear, but the content has to be meaningful and useful to them. Why would they care about this information? What is it going to do to help them?

How will this information be shared?
Does this content need to be a video series? Should it be an article? Should this be on your website or email welcome series? How is the best way to deliver this information?

FloSocial Content Planning Worksheet

Now we need to get to work and start producing different types of Content.

Our handy Content Planning Worksheet will help start brainstorming for ideas.

5 Ways To Make Content Meaningful

  1. Ask your audience what they want to know about and then produce Content based on their responses. This could take the form of an online survey, a Facebook poll or or question in Instagram Stories. Find out what’s bothering them and then be the authority who answers their questions
  2. Use User Generated Content. This means reuse Content your customers have created about your brand – just as we saw Frank Body do in the examples in Module 1. Gathering User Generated Content needs to carefully curated: you need to ask for it, then collect it and reshare it. Things like Competitions and using company #hashtags are a great way to get people to talk to and about you
  3. Repost and reuse your best stuff – this is absolutely allowed. If you have Content that has proven useful and engaging really well previously, repost it after a few months to give it more air time
  4. Share Customer stories and Social Proof. It’s one thing to say your brand, service or product is good, but it’s a completely different story when you receive Social Proof showing exactly how good you are
  5. Pay attention to what is working, then adapt accordingly.

The next section looks at how to check our Engagement Rate with Facebook Posts.

FloSocial Social Times
How To Get More User Generated Content

How To Check If Your Content Connects

The great thing about Social Media is we can see when our audience is responding – or not – in real time. The Engagement Rate on our Content is key to seeing what is meaningful to our audiences: what are they watching, enjoying and sharing? Understanding this is key to producing amazing Content that connects.

Engagement Rate

How many people seeing your Facebook Posts is not enough. It’s how many people Engage with it with a Like, Comment or Share. Your Engagement Rate shows your audience cares about your Content.

  • Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to view your Engagement Rate on Facebook.

Happy Meaningful Content Creating!