iOS 14.5 and Facebook Ads

The internet is about to change…

Apple are about to roll out a change to the iOS ( operating systems) to send a pop up to all users on an apple device to allow them to opt in opt out of being tracked by your Facebook Pixel. So why is this such a big deal? Users have always been able to opt out or block as tracking on websites either via their own personal settings within Facebook or using an ads blocker on their browser but now this new pop up, will scare users  that they are being watched and increase the number of people opting out dramatically. This will negatively impact both the users and the advertisers by not allowing this data to be shared.

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Why Ad Tracking BENEFITS everyone

Ad tracking is vital for both the users and the advertisers to understand how ads are being perceived. Users of all Social Media platforms use them for free, they get access to tools and services at no charge, in exchange for seeing a few ads each time they use the platforms ( just like when you watch TV or read a magazine ) in order for the Social Media platforms to be able to keep building and providing services for the users they need to make a revenue and this is where advertising comes in – they sell ads to advertisers.

If a User opts out of all ad tracking we can never learn what they want to see from an advert and it means the adverts they do see ( as they will see ads on the platform to use it for free) become less relevant to them. They are less likely to see products and services that would be interesting to them as we cannot track their behaviour to provide them with relevant ads.

The advertisers will also now suffer as we will lose some visibility of how ads perform and who best to show them to, making our audiences less relevant and our ad budgets less effective

What this Means for Advertisers

How to Prepare for iOS14.5 – step by step

All advertisers who want to continue using event tracking will need to complete 2 steps inside of Business Manager – verify their website domain and then nominate the events they would like to be able to track in the future. This video will explain more and show you step by step

What happens when a User opts In or Out

When a User opts out of tracking Facebook uses a system called aggregated event measurement to send 1 event over to your advert account. The event will be the highest priority event for your funnel based on the list of pixel events and custom conversions you have nominated.

User opts IN

  • We can track all 8 pixel events or custom conversions
  • The data is sent to Facebook in real time and has a 7 day attribution window

User opts OUT

  • Only 1 event is sent  and it will be the highest priority event
  • The data is sent to Facebook in a random 2 day period from event

Should I panic?

No but you should be prepared. Ad costs may look like they are increasing for conversion ads simply because we cannot fully track all users and your website audiences will be smaller in size – they will still be valuable but they may be reduced. Monitor your ads costs and make sure you brief your clients  about how the changes may affect them and your reporting.