Let’s get Strategic!

Now that we know how Instagram works – how do we use it for our Business? We need to create a strategy on how we use it.

A good social media strategy needs 3 parts:

  • A Purpose – what are you trying to achieve by using this social media platform
  • Clear Business Goals – this could be tangible or intangible like increase your sales by 5% each month or increasing brand awareness
  • A Plan – How are you actually using the social media channel to get your customer to take the right actions to achieve your business goals
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Define your Purpose

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What is the purpose for your Instagram channel?

Knowing what to post and how often will be dictated by your channels purpose and business goals. If you don’t define your purpose and goals then you can get stuck, stressed and make managing your social media harder than it needs to be. Simply said – Purpose will define action. It’s hard to know what to do if you don’t know why your doing it?

Examples of Instagram channel purpose

  • Online eCommerce store – Instagram becomes part of your store front and your posts are about showcasing your products
  • Services based business – Instagram is your channel to educate customers about your industry and how your services work
  • Companies – Instagram could be part of your recruitment strategy and shows your employees at work and having fun behind the scenes
  • Public Profiles and creators – Instagram can be bring your audience closer to you and into your life
  • Charity or Not For Profits – taking donars behind the scenes and showing where you there money is going to

Remember this is about your business and finding the right strategy to help you reach your business goals  and you may choose a mix of purposes to help your business grow. For example – you could have 80% education and 20% behind the scenes to bring customers closer to you.

Setting Business Goals and KPI’s

What should you measure?

So now I know my purpose – how do I know if I’m achieving my goals?

Setting the right KPIs ( Key performance indicators )  will let you know if what you are doing is getting you closer or further from your goals. Look at the following KPI’s you can measure from Instagram and decide which one will best inform you if you are getting closer or further from your channel purpose.

Number of Increase in Followers

Number of followers is only going to be useful to you if your followers are genuine and care about what you are saying or selling but growing an engaged follower base can help you have a primed audience to sell to. This metric is useful fro service based businesses and creators

Number of Comments and Engagement

When you post content what percentage of people are interacting with you, commenting, liking, sharing or saving your pictures this lets you know that the content you are posting hits the mark and resonates with your audience and that they are interested in what you have to say. This metric is useful to track for service based businesses and creators

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Total number of people who you reached

When you post content – how many people see it is known as the total reach. This metric is useful if you are tracking brand awareness and if you are using Instagram to help you business become better known or if the hashtags you are using are effective and getting you found in more places

Total Number of Sales or Leads

How many sales from your Instagram shopping tags or how much money you are making from your Instagram posts or how many direct leads your are getting for your business are key to track if you channel purpose is to help you grow your eCommerce store or online business

When should I measure?

Make a habit of reviewing your KPI’s each week on Social Media and deep dive and review all of your metrics once a month. Using a tool like Planoly or another tools like Creator studio, Tailwind or Later include tracking reports and you can set up your reports to deliver your reports to you each week so it doesn’t need to be a lengthy process.


Now this doesn’t mean you need to map out a full years’ worth of content (in fact we advise against this in case the social media platforms have a massive change and you efforts are wasted) but it is a good idea to map out key dates events, sales periods you have in your business.

  • Do you always attend a particular conference = or event?
  • Do you have clients that have different needs during different seasons?
  • When are your busy periods and quiet periods?

Taking some time to map out your year ahead will help you make better decisions and take the stress out of managing your social media channels

The Hour of Power 

Now you can create your next 3 months plan in much more detail and, start working on the content and scheduling it. 3 months is most efficient timeframe because;

  1. It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day.
  2. It frees up your time if your content is ready and prescheduled.
  3. It allows you time to make the most of sale opportunities and test your funnels
  4. 3 months is long enough to be organised but not so long that you can’t be reactive or change tactic as you see what’s working
  5. It gives you time to explore themes and ideas

Social Media Planner 

Use this simple Social Media Planner to schedule your content and ads each month.
It’s an old skool Google-sheet made pretty just for you, so you can just make yourself a copy and make it work for you.

Access an editable Social Media Planner