Creating your Marketing Calendar

Planning ahead for greater success and smarter spending

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”

How successful would your clients be with their fitness goals if they didn’t have a set plan broken into macros and micro cycle? What gf they didn’t know what to do in each training session and what their goal was for the week? How likely would they be to achieve their goals?

Marketing is the same! You need to know what your biggest goals are before you can plan how to get there. This is the main stumbling block for most businesses their social media marketing is an afterthought and becomes too stressful because they are just posting randomly on the run and not seeing actual results from their effort.

Planning is essential to success and in this next 4 step, process we are going to show you where to start and what to include.

Step 1 – Map out your Year

Now this doesn’t mean you need to map out a full years’ worth of content (in fact we advise against this in case the social media platforms have a massive change and you efforts are wasted) but it is a good idea to map out key dates events, sales periods you have in your business.

  • Do you always attend a particular race or event?
  • Do you have clients that prep for a certain competition?
  • When are your busy periods and quiet periods?

Taking some time to map out your year ahead will help you make better decisions and take the stress out of managing your social media channels

Social Starter: Make A Plan

Step 2 – Map out key sales periods

Social Starter: Map Out Key Sales Periods

Maybe you get a lot of clients after Christmas vacation and you know that you need to boost your sales around April? Perhaps your club needs 30 new leads a month? Start to put some time frames and key periods around when you need to be making the most sales. Consider the type of sales funnel you need to help you make these sales.

Here is an example of sales funnel and dates for a members’ event to help you identify key dates.

  • You know March leads are slower and you will need 20 new members to meet your key performance indicators (KPI)
  • In February, let’s say you open the top of funnel and produce a series of video on the benefits of Strength Training. You promote these via Facebook and Instagram to people around your gym.
  • Mid-February, it’s time to retarget the audience of people who have watched your video and send them a lead ad offering a ‘Beginners Strength Training’ guide. Collect emails from the lead ad.
  • At the beginning of March, you invite your new leads to a Strength Training workshop with your head PT and offer attendees a free PT session the day they join up.

If you didn’t know when your key sales period were, you could be posting videos in February, not thinking how you could use them to help boost your leads later. By identifying key sales periods we can work backward to ensure we have sales funnels set up in time.

Step 3 – Add Client Retention Ideas  

Once you have mapped your key events, sales periods and funnels, you can now map out things you want to post or promote on your Social media channels to help keep your current clients engaged.

  • Do you have an event you are planning on attending- could you involve your clients or form a team ?
  • Are you planning a members awards night or a Xmas party?
  • Do you run retreats or holiday specials?
  • Could you add some fun activities or team events for your members or PT clients?
Social Starter: Client Retention Ideas

Step 4 – Plan your next 3 months 

Now you can create your next 3 months plan in much more detail and, start working on the content and scheduling it. 3 months is most efficient timeframe because;

  1. It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day.
  2. It frees up your time if your content is ready and prescheduled.
  3. It allows you time to make the most of sale opportunities and test your funnels
  4. 3 months is long enough to be organised but not so long that you can’t be reactive or change tactic as you see what’s working
  5. It gives you time to explore themes and ideas

Social Media Planner 

Use this simple Social Media Planner to schedule your content and ads each month.
It’s an old skool Google-sheet made pretty just for you, so you can just make yourself a copy and make it work for you.

Access an editable Social Media Planner

Apps, Planners and Stuff to help you Plan

The best Instagram Scheduling tool = Schedugr’am

We love it because:

  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. It allows you to schedule posts, videos and captions and hashtags.
  3. It has a preview mode so you can see your posts planned out.
  4. It has an app for scheduling on the go.
  5. You can use it for multiple accounts.

Other Useful apps and resources  – Facebooks very own online learning platform to show you how to do all things Facebook. – Googles guide on how to get creative with YouTube and the best practises for brands creating content SnapChats Guide to advertising with them.

Tools and Tricks amazing Instagram tracking tool to tell you more about your audiences, followers and preferred posts. Costs about $200 a year for the full version. super simple to use graphic design tool that allows you to quickly make social media banners, web tiles and small graphic design jobs. Free version and full professional version costs about $12 a month