Ethical  Practice Policy 

FloSocial delivers world class social media education.  It adheres to a strict Ethical Practice Policy to ensure that all customers, clients, suppliers and staff are treated fairly in a safe, supportive and non discriminating environment. A copy of the Policy is  available on request for FloSocial Head Office. If a participant feels that they have been unfairly treated in any way they should follow the procedures outlined in the Grievance Policy.  

Grievance Policy 

FloSocial prides itself on always striving to achieve excellence in its  training and customer service and relations. Therefore it takes any complaints very seriously and will endeavor to rectify the situation to the best of its abilities. Any grievance with training should be immediately brought to the attention of us at , if they feel the situation has not been successfully resolved then they should write directly to the Director of FloSocial within 7 days of the course taking place. On receipt of an official complaint the Director of FloSocial will attempt to contact the participant within 2 working days to discuss the issue further. All outcomes to resolve issues made by the Directors of FloSocial will be final.  

Refund Policy 

Refunds will be subject to terms and conditions as outlined at the checkout.  ( this feature will available online as part of the course registration- refund policy below )


The participant must fully complete the 6 modules of  course work to be eligible to be awarded a certificate of completion and collect any associated points granted for Professional development. 


Payment and Refund Policy 

Full payment of fees is required in advance for all FloSocial Courses and is the mechanism for securing my place in a FloSocial  Course.  

Where I have given FloSocial  at least 10 business days prior written notice of my intention to withdraw from a FloSocial  Course, I am entitled to a refund or credit minus an administration fee of $50.00.  I accept that no refunds or credit will be granted when I have given less than 10 business days notice of my intention to withdraw from a FloSocial  course. 

Once an FloSocial Course has commenced, I am not entitled to a refund or credit.  

Assessment for the Strengthen our Social Course  will be based upon clearly displaying understanding for