Lead Generation

Lead Generation on Social Media is an absolute gold mine for the Fitness Industry.

There are a couple of ways to use Social Media to generate Leads – or as we say, fill the top of the Sales Funnel. There are also ways we can use Social Media to help people down through the Funnel to generate interest and awareness − more for buying products or signing up to our gym or training sessions.

Many people assume they can depend on Social Media to complete the entire funnel for them. A good funnel is only as good as its weakest section.

If great Leads are coming your way from your Facebook Ads, but your Sales team lack training on how to make a follow-up call, you can’t blame Social Media for the lack of converted leads before reviewing each step of the process. Always keep checking in with your Sales team, make sure their training is up to date while keep a close eye on their conversion rates.

It is essential to consider the quality of Leads you receive. Targeting the right people in the first place will help ensure you are connecting to the right people.

Step 1 Find & Target your Customers

Fill the top of the Funnel – Find your potential customers

Fill the top of the Funnel – find your potential customers

Before we can start filling the top of the sales funnel, you need to know the type of people you want to target. To do this we create a customer profile (also known as a customer avatar) this is a detailed list of characteristics and similar qualities including age, location, and lifestyle your potential customer will have.

If you’re own a CrossFit gym you will want to target people into high-intensity style training. If you own a yoga studio you may want to target to men or women or pregnant ladies?

If you have existing fitness studio or clients, look at the type of characteristics they have in common. You might find you have a number of customer types or avatars.

Watch the next video detailing customer avatars and how to create them. Use the worksheet provided to help you create your own customer avatars

Step 2 – Start Talking to your potential Customers

Now we know who we want to talk to on our social media channels, we now need to start talking to them. This stage of the funnel is all about building awareness and gaining trust−not selling! Customers need to know, like and trust you before they buy from you.

A great way to start building trust and rapport with your potential customers and making them aware of your business is by posting useful content, also known as content marketing. Content marketing is a subtle way of showing your new potential customers how good you are and the kind of problems you solve without being salesy or pushy. Content should be valuable for the customer.

Types of Content

Let’s take a quick look at the types of content you can produce


This is probably the most effective type of content to post on all social media platforms. Why is video so good?

  • Video tells a story very quickly and allows your personality to shine through.
  • Video is preferred by social media platforms and gets more shares.
  • Video can be used to capture and re-target audiences of viewers–more on that later
  • Video is cheap and easy to make since the invention of smart phones and editing apps
  • Video can be boosted on Facebook and Instagram with a small budget to increase its reach

Article, White Papers, or Blogs

You can share articles on your social media channels and let your potential customers get to know you and your products and services. If you can educate your customers or add value they will start to trust you.

Picture and Infographics

Images with or without text can share your highlight or show short “snackable” tips and info. This type of content is highly shareable but doesn’t always perform as well as video

Note: Content should be posted on a regular basis to keep building the top of your funnel and expanding your reach.

If you can afford to boost or sponsor your posts it will help them reach more of your customers.

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Step 3 – Find the Customers who Like you and talk more to them 

The next step is to find the customers who are showing an interest in you and the content you are producing, moving them into the next stage of the funnel. At this stage, focus on building a relationship with them and not trying to sell to them.

This is achievable in 2 ways:

1) Create a custom audience on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn using the data you already have.

On Facebook and Instagram, you can create audiences from people who like your page, watch videos, from email lists or have visited your web page.

On LinkedIn you can create custom audience from email lists and current connections. This is important to know for the next stage of the funnel.

2) Create a Lookalike audience. This is where information about your potential customers is used to create an audience similar to customers you already have. You can add information from your customer avatars and use social media to help broaden your audience and find people who look like the type of customers we want.

The next 2 videos will explain how to create custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram.


Now you know who is showing an interest you can offer them something more valuable. At this stage you should try and get more commitment from potential customers such as an email address, phone number or an event or free trial session. If you want their email address what are you going to give them in exchange?

Use your audience of interested customers and find different ways to connect. Here are 5 ideas to help get a commitment from potential customers and move them down the sales funnel.

  1. Use Facebook or LinkedIn lead ads to collect emails by offering an eBook.
  2. Run a seminar on training or health at your club and advertise the event on Facebook.
  3. Offer a trial session or assessment and collect phone number to book and register.
  4. Run a webinar on fitness myths and ask for emails to register.
  5. Offer a discount or multipack offer in exchange for their email and phone number.

It might take a number of interactions to get  customers to commit and give you an email or phone number so be prepared to trail a number of these steps and test what’s working.

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Step 4 – Close the Sale

Now for most fitness businesses, it’s time to close the sale in person. Social media is amazing for building awareness and getting interest, but it’s not everything and your own sales skills will be vital to close the leads.

If you are an online-based business, it’s at this point you might use more direct call to actions or sales focused ads leading customers to your website to purchase.

For most Fitness Businesses closing the sale will take place in person or within the club facility and you use your Lead Funnel and social media content  to help your potential customers get to know, like and trust you before they actually walk through your doors. You funnel helps you narrow down the interested people and start the process of building a relationship with them before you try and convert them to a sale.

Sales Funnels For Fitness Businesses

Amplifying Sales and Leads for your Fitness Business Success.

Sales and quality Leads are the lifeblood of any Fitness Business. Your Social Media Channels can dramatically amplify your Sales and Lead Generation if you understand the right way to build a Funnel and devote your attention to them.

Understanding how to build a Funnel for your business will produce better quality Leads, saving you on time and Advertising dollars by focusing on the right Customers for you.

  • Welcome to Module 4 where we explore Sales Funnels and how to use them in Social Media Ads to generate Sales and leads for your Fitness Business.

Happy Sales Funneling!