Selfies, Self Promotion & Social Proof

How to use Self Promotion effectively for your business.

This is possibly one of the most blurred sections when it comes to advertising your products and services through Social Media in the Fitness world. Where do you draw the line between an obsession with selfies and oneself, and providing Social Proof to positively complement your advertising?

It’s a grey area and there isn’t a right or wrong way with this. We suggest looking at it from the perspective of your Customer and the types of people you want your business to interact with. This will serve as the foundation for everything you do through your Social Media channels.

  • Welcome to Module 3 where we look into Selfies, Self Promotion and Social Proof to promote our business without damaging our brands

Social Proof

Strengthen Your Social Selfies

Social Proof is using elements such as Client Reviews, images of you working with Clients, Client Results and anything which depicts a social level of interaction with others to quantify what you do as a business.

Buffer has written up this awesome article ‘The Psychology of Marketing: 18 Ways to Use Social Proof to Boost Your Results’ which explores indepth about how to use Social Proof.

Keep in mind it’s not just about you! Rather, it’s about demonstrating to the wider community that you are a great Personal Trainer or Gym. Social Proof can be as simple as getting Testimonials and sharing them across your website and Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

4 Types Of Social Proof Gyms & PTs Should Use

Testimonial FloSocial

Client Testimonials

Testimonials  and Client Reviews are the easiest way to get Social Proof. Ask your clients to talk about how much they love training with you, what they have achieved and place them on the Sign-up Pages or Lead Generation tools. Knowing other clients have experienced success can be a big deciding factor for prospective clients. Testimonials help build and quantify how good you are. Using little stories showing your clients’ journeys from the first push up through to preparing for a Fitness comp is also a really powerful way of highlighting and reinforcing all the good things you can do for potential clients.
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Before & After Photos

While we previously mentioned in the previous chapter you cannot use Before & After Photos to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you can post Before & After Photos to your Facebook and Instagram channels – they just can’t be supported by Advertising.

While Posts can’t be Boosted, this doesn’t mean you can’t Post that content to your own channels. These Pictures are important aspects of Social Proof because you’re showing genuine results.

Client Results

Social Proof doesn’t have to be only Before & After Photos. If you’re a sport specific trainer or you work with runners, you could feature images of your Clients crossing finish lines at marathons or triathlons, and their first run.
It’s showing your audience that you are involved with your business and the impact you may have on their lives.
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Facebook Reviews

Facebook has an optional Reviews function you can display on your Business Profile developed for Social Proof. Recommending your business with an option to comment can be given. Ask your Clients to leave a review on your Facebook Business Page, especially if you are sure they rate you highly. It doesn’t have to be done in a way that makes them uncomfortable, more as a a simple reminder “If you’ve been happy with my service, don’t forget to leave a review” works nicely. Many people don’t receive reviews simply because they don’t ask.

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Truth Bomb

There will always be “trolling”.

In Internet speak, “Trolls” are people who give negative feedback even if they haven’t used your business or service, start quarrels or upset others – simply for the sake of it. It’s easy to be a Troll hiding behind the safety of a computer. It’s not you they hate, it’s the world.

When you’re in the public eye and visible, you are always going to be subject to scrutiny, especially on Social Media. And when it comes to Recommendations and Feedback, Facebook has a function to turn the Reviews Feature on and off.

  • Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to turn the Reviews Feature for Facebook on and off.

Selfies & Self Promotion

Selfies and Self Promotion are valuable to being a Fitness Professional. However, it’s understanding who our Customers are and how we’re portraying ourselves to them that matters.

If you’re a Personal Trainer, physical appearance and physical abilities become an important part of how you advertise and brand your business. For example, when it comes to bodybuilders, your physical appearance becomes a part of your business and brand. A Client is likely to choose you because of your muscle and mass because they too want a similar physique.

Posting Selfies is absolutely fine when your body and the way you train yourself are reflections of your business and your brand.

FloSocial Taking A Selfie

It is the line between Selfies and Self Promotion that becomes blurry. Unfortunately the world of #FITSPO has us all focused on how many Likes our Post gets, or how many Followers we have. You might equate high numbers of Likes and Followers with success, and so fall into the trap of thinking it will benefit your businesses. At the end of the day, the number of Likes, the number of Followers and the number of Fans you have on Social Media means absolutely nothing to the bottom line of your business. It’s not about the number of Fans you have, but how engaged they are with you. It is better to have 100 people who love you on Social Media, sign up for your services and buy your products, than 10,000 followers who aren’t really interested.

It’s definitely great to have a massive fan base, but if nobody’s buying what you’re selling, it all means nothing other than supplementing your ego rather than supplementing your income.

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Truth Bomb

There’s nothing wrong with posting selfies.

And one more time for the record: There’s nothing wrong with posting selfies.

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When Should You Post Selfies On Your Business Page?

First of all think of your Customers and potential customers. Before you post that Selfie ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. Will they feel inspired by this or intimidated?
  2. Am I posting this image for myself or for them?
  3. Will this image benefit my business and enhance my brand?

If you feel posting a Selfie image of you is beneficial and doesn’t detract from your business or brand, then there is nothing wrong with going ahead and hitting that Post button. This is Social Proof that you practice what you preach with added credibility based upon your appearance.

Happy Self Promoting!