Supercharge Your Instagram™

Unlock the potential on Instagram and make serious money for your business.

Find Instagram complicated?

Frustrated because you don’t know what to do?

Feel left behind seeing your competitors killing it on Insta?

Want to boost your business on Instagram and make sales?

Then you need Supercharge Your Instagram: the online course that breaks down all the complicated techy talk with the ‘Gram so you can apply it to learn as you go. We help you level up your Insta game to become #awesome and #successful.

We make Instagram simple so you can DIY Instagram.

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Supercharge your Instagram™ will cover the following

  • Instagram basics like setting up your business profile and posting content

  • How, when and where to use hashtags and which ones work best

  • How to create Instagram stories and get more engagement

  • How to create ads using Instagram and Facebook’s ad manager tool

  • How to work with influencers and find the right people

  • How to create a strategy for your Instagram

  • Which apps, scheduling tools and tricks you need and how to make a content plan

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Learning style

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Self paced

Time to complete

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12 – 18 hours


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RRP $349

Let’s do this! #supercharge_my_Instagram

Who should do this course?

This course is for you if…

  • You want to know the in’s and out’s of Instagram
  • You are looking to grow your followers, likes and engagement to make more sales or get more enquiries
  • You want to learn how to make Instagram faster to manage
  • You want to understand whats working for you and what you should post more or less of

The “No Wank” learning approach

We walk you through this course step by step in plain English with no wanky, marketing buzz words or tech talk. We screen cast and narrate videos to show you exactly how to do things and we use case studies, videos and exercises to make sure you can actually use the information and start to apply it straight away to your own circumstances. Our course are updated regularly as soon as the platform changes happen  and you will have access to the course content for 6 months from your date of purchase.

Oh … and we have email support you can access throughout so if you get stuck or want to ask any questions – we are there for you Boo.

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Let’s do this! #supercharge_my_Instagram

Your Course Outline To Social Media Success

FloSocial Instagram

Instagram Basics
Understand Instagram

FloSocial Hashtag

Hashtags Rule
WTF is a #hashtag?

FloSocial Apps

Success With Stories
Take your Instagram next level

FloSocial Return On Ad Spend

Influence, Advertise & Inspire
Get Instagram working for you

Supercharge Your Instagram is a 4 week online coaching course that takes out all the BS, technical jargon and complications of understanding Instagram to give you all the skills and tools you need. The online course is aimed at everyone, from startups to small businesses, entrepreneurs, franchises and anyone else who finds Instagram complicated and confusing.

Because Facebook/Instagram algorithms (we call them clever robots) change so frequently, the courses, videos, instructions and guides are regularly updated. And, you also receive 3 months access to the course to make sure the information sticks.

Absolutely! This online course is designed to take out all the jargon, BS and complicated geek speak so you understand how to make Instagram work for you. What you do need is wifi access and a device to work from (preferably a tablet, laptop or desktop for a nicer experience, though your smartphone works too). If you’re next level Instagram to run Ads, you’ll need a Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads or Business Manager.

If you’re heading down the way of the Paid Instagram Promotion, you do need to have Facebook Ad or Business Manager set up first. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend you start with the 4 Week Social Starter. This 4 week online course starts you on the basics of social media and builds you to Social Media Success with easy step-by-step instructions, videos and guides. It’s the course for everyone – and no techy jargon. And we’re together every step of the way.

We’re in a world where we don’t have time. So our courses are designed and broken down into easy-to-nibble bite sized chunks allowing you to learn as you go. This course is flexible so you can study where you like, when you like. Ideally, you will set aside 2 hours per week to get through the course, take in the information and instructions and learn how to apply it to your own business.

In your course, you will need to
Read the content
Watch instruction videos &
Apply your newly learned knowledge
And that’s just the learning part. The other part where you apply as you learn depends on you. But the whole point of this course is for you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

As a Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketer, FloSocial’s Chief Nerd Lynsey knows her s***! She’s an expert in Adult Vocational Education with over 250 courses internationally and more than 5,000 teaching hours in her career and was the Social Media and Content Manager for one of Australia’s largest ASX listed retailers. You’ll find Lynsey on the stage passing on her social media expertise for a minimum of 2 speaking engagements a week where people are captured by her onstage presence and passion for education and social media. She knows how to break things down so it’s easy to understand and apply without all the technical BS. Most importantly, she knows how to keep education fun and make learning stick. Lynsey knows first hand how social media agency cowboys take your money with lots of promises and no results.

This course is aimed at everyone, from startups to small businesses, entrepreneurs, franchises and anyone else who finds Instagram complicated and confusing.

Let’s do this! #supercharge_my_Instagram