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Get ready to improve your Content Creation Skills for Social Media Success.

Make your Social Media Content Rule with this epic Content Creation Course.

Find creating content for Social Media frustrating and complicated?

Don’t know what to do or why you do it?

Feeling left behind by your competitors?

Not connecting with your customers?

Then you need Make Your Content Rule: the ultimate online course that boosts your Social Media Skills to target and engage with your audience through the power of great shareable content.

We make Social Media simple so you can DIY Social Media.

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This 4 Lesson Online Social Media Content Creation Course walks you through all the steps to Social Media Success so you
  • Learn why content on Social Media matters

  • Decide which Social Media channels are right for you
  • Create engaging content your customers will love

  • Use the latest tools and apps to produce epic content

  • Stand out as an industry thought leader
  • Plus lots of tips, case studies and downloads to help you plan and produce amazing Social Media Content

It’s a down-to-earth, easy to understand online course that gives you the confidence to create your own Social Media Content.

4 Modules

FloSocial Video

Step-by-Step Videos


Learn From Case Studies

FloSocial Content Planning Worksheet

Content Planning Worksheet

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Don’t think you have the time?

Although Make Your Content Rule is a 4 week course, if you fall behind, you can catch up in your own time and go back to modules to relearn how to apply them.

We’re there to hold your hand and walk you through the process, so you are supported while keeping you accountable.

As a DIY Online Social Media Content Creation Course, all the hard work has been done for you. The course comes with a library of instructions, videos and tools to break it all down and make it easy to use and understand.

We’re here so you get the best from your course with dedicated online support.

We’re with you every step of the way to answer your questions, guide you and give you tips and advice.

Watch videos, read case studies, work from downloadable worksheets for planning and preparing your own social media channels.

And the best part? It’s all accessible from the comfort of your own desktop, laptop or device for the best user experiences – or your smartphone if you have no other options. This course is flexible so you can study where you like, when you like.

We don’t speak jargon. We don’t baffle you with science. We make sure you’re equipped with the necessary skills to get results that matter.

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Who Should Learn This Course?

The Make Your Content Rule Online Course is perfect for you, if you

Don’t know what to do or why you need to do it

Find Social Media confusing, technical and complicated

Want to know which platform is right for you

Want to connect with your customers on Social Media and keep them interested

Want you and your business to stand out as an industry thought leader

Need to learn how to create great content with little effort

Build confidence in your Social Media Skills

Want to plan your Social Media Strategy and save time

Your Course Outline To Social Media Success


Content Is King
The power of great content


Content That Connects
Create Content that matters

Why Branding matters

FloSocial Apps

Tools, Tricks & Planning
All the tips to save time

Companies We’ve Worked With

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Make Your Content Rule is a 4 week online coaching course that takes out all the BS, technical jargon and complications of learning about Social Media to give you all the skills and tools you need to create great shareable content. The online course is aimed at everyone, from startups to small businesses, entrepreneurs, franchises and anyone else who finds creating content for Social Media frustrating and complicated and don’t know what to do or why you do it.

Because Social Media algorithms (we call them clever robots) change so frequently, the courses, videos, instructions and guides are regularly updated.

Absolutely! This online course is designed to take out all the jargon, BS and complicated geek speak so you understand Social Media. What you do need is wifi access, a device to work from – preferably a tablet, laptop or desktop for a nicer experience, though your smartphone works too.

We start you on the basics of creating content to build you to Social Media Success with easy step-by-step instructions, videos and guides. It’s the course for everyone – and no techy jargon. And we’re together every step of the way.

We’re in a world where we don’t have time. So our courses are designed and broken down into easy-to-nibble bite sized chunks allowing you to learn as you go. This course is flexible so you can study where you like, when you like. Ideally, you will set aside 2 hours per week to get through the course, take in the information and instructions and learn how to apply it to your own business.

In your course, you will need to
Read the content
Watch instruction videos &
Apply your newly learned knowledge
And that’s just the learning part. The other part where you apply as you learn depends on you. But the whole point of this course is for you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

As a Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketer, FloSocial’s Chief Nerd Lynsey knows her s***! She’s an expert in Adult Vocational Education with over 250 courses internationally and more than 5,000 teaching hours in her career and was the Social Media and Content Manager for one of Australia’s largest ASX listed retailers. You’ll find Lynsey on the stage passing on her social media expertise for a minimum of 2 speaking engagements a week where people are captured by her onstage presence and passion for education and social media. She knows how to break things down so it’s easy to understand and apply without all the technical BS. Most importantly, she knows how to keep education fun and make learning stick. Lynsey knows first hand how Social Media Agency Cowboys take your money with lots of promises and no results.

This course is aimed at everyone, from startups to small businesses, entrepreneurs, franchises and anyone else who finds creating content for Social Media complicated and confusing.

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