Super Charge your Social Media

Learn how to Super Charge your Facebook adverts and understand how and where to spend you marketing dollars on Social Media

Advertising on Facebook but not sure how to maximize your results? Can’t get past just boosting your posts and not sure if your seeing return on your advert dollars? Then this course is for you!super charge your social media

This interactive online training course will deepen your knowledge of social media marketing across Facebook and Instagram and help you ramp up the results from your advertising.

We use examples, videos, case studies and have downloadable worksheets that you can use for planning and preparing for your own social media channels

And the best part is this is all accessible from the comfort of your own laptop

Over the course we will cover:

  • Does Facebook like you? – Understanding the algorithm and how to be seen
  • Advanced Audience Targeting – Find your exact customers
  • The Power of Pixels – Using tracking tools to help build your audiences
  • Facebook Messenger – The customer service super power
  • Forecasting and ROAS – How much to spend and when
  • Creating Sales Funnels with Social Media – supercharge your adverts
  • Apps and Analytics – The secrets and tools you need to manage your accounts

With 14 step by step video guide showing you exactly how to set up and create each aspect of Facebook and Instagram advertising just like this one…

Are you legendary enough to Super Charge yet?

This course is for ANY Legend advertising on Facebook or thinking about advertising but not sure how to get the  best results. We recommend you complete 6 Weeks to Social Media Success Course first but if you have some basic knowledge of Facebook you will be able to follow along our step by step how to  how to videos and  simplified examples. The best part about this course?  We don’t speak in jargon so when when we get to some of the more “nerdy” stuff on algorithms we still keep it simple and easy to follow.

Ready to blew the roof off your Facebook ads?

Why should you do this training?

  1. Social Media is one of the most cost effective ways to find and target the right customers for your business.
  2. You don’t need a huge budget to be really effective – in fact it can be as little as a buck a day
  3. Best of all once you know how to advertise on social media you can do it all yourself – save money on agency fees and spend it on fun stuff like Go-karts and cocktails.

Take charge of your business growth and spending more time building your business and doing the things you love ( go-karting after a few cocktails is super fun – please drink responsibly)

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I'm ready to blew the roof off your Facebook ads!