Your first 6 Weeks to Social Media Success online

The course you do when you don’t have a clue!!!!

Your First 6 Weeks to Social Media Success is going to hold your hand and teaching you how to use Social Media in little bite sized pieces.

We start from the very beginning looking at what social media is and how it can be used for your business Week by week we build on this knowledge in simple steps and easy to follow examples. allowing you time to apply them to your own business and learn as you go.

We use examples, videos, case studies and have downloadable worksheets that you can use for planning and preparing for your own social media channels. Just like this one…


Over the course we will cover:

  • How to decide which social media channel are right for you
  • Where your customers are on social media
  • How to set up each channel
  • How find and talk to your customers on social media to keep them interested
  • How to set up adverts for your business
  • How to measure success and safely trail new things without blowing your budget
  • How to plan your social media strategy to save you time
  • Quick tips, reference sheets and easy ways to do things.

And best of all – we teach this in simple, straightforward steps.  We don’t speak jargon and we don’t baffle you with science. We ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills to get results that matter for your business.

Okay- I'm ready to be a Social Media Success

Who is this course for?

For Small Businesses, Start Ups, Newbies, Mums and Dads, Grandmas, Self Aware Robots, Marketers and really anyone who wants to learn the basics of Social Media Marketing.

You don’t need to be a technical wiz kid or have much experience using Facebook or Instagram to be able to follow this course.

Why should Small Businesses do this training?

Social Media is one of the most cost effective ways to find and target the right customers for your business. You don’t need a huge budget to be really effective and best of all once you know how to advertise on social media you can do it all your self taking charge of your business growth and spending more time building your business and doing the things you love.

Learning how to use social media properly will save you time and money  

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