The Gospel of Social Media

Gather round Brothers and Sisters – it’s time to learn the truth. For too long we have been lied to, scared by tricks and hacking the algorithm, cheated with false promises of fake followers .. we are tired.. we are weary… we need to hear the truth!

Welcome to The Gospel of Social Media

Episode 1 – Why this podcast

Episode 1- Why this Podcast

Howdy! Here’s a little welcome and introduction from the team at FloSocial. In this episode we will tell you more about what to expect from this podcast and who should subscribe to us.

Episode 2 – How to select your Social Media Support?

Episode 2 – How to select your Social Media Support

Should you go it alone, hire an agency or work with a VA? It can be tough to know how much support your going to need to help you run your social media channels. In this episode we will take you through your options, what to look for and how best to work with a third party supporting your social media efforts

Episode 3 – Why you need to Stop ignoring LinkedIn

Episode 3 – Why you need to STOP Ignoring LinkedIn

Only use LinkedIn to update your Job Title? You could be missing huge opportunities on Social Media new Power Player LinkedIn! In this episode find out why LinkedIn is so valuable to Businesses and Consultants and discover the new opportunities available on the platform.

Episode 4 – 5 Mistakes to STOP making with your Facebook Ads

Episode 4 – 5 Mistakes you need to stop making with your Facebook ads in 2019

Facebook is a powerhouse tool for marketers but still too many are making the same mistakes with their Facebook ads and wondering why they are not working. This episode will show you the 5 mistakes most often made with Facebook ads and what you can do to correct them.

Episode 5 – Why Instagram is becoming your new Store Front

Episode 5 – Why Instagram is becoming your Store Front

Instagram is changing the face of eCommerce moving customers beyond just discovering products and into a digital store front for your Business where they can browse and transact on the platform.

Episode 6 – An Introduction to Chat Bots

Episode 6 – An Introduction to Chat Bots with Elly Hurley

What the heck is a chat bot? We are joined in this episode by Chat Bot legend Elly Hurley from Nudge Marketing to give an explanation to what chat bots are, how to set one up and what it can help you automate within your business. Contact Elly at

Episode 7 – 5 things you need to Spilt test with Facebook Ads

Episode 7 – 5 Golder rules for Testing your adverts

Split testing is key to a marketers success on the platform. Gathering feedback and data from audiences is key to making better decisions and optimising your ads, In this episode we will list the 5 areas that you need to look at in order to create useful and meaningful split tests for your adverts including budget, audiences, creatives and why you shouldn’t touch an ad in “learning phase”.

Episode 8 -How to stay up to date on Social Media?

Episode 8 – How to stay up to date on Social Media?

How to stay up to date on Social Media? Where do you go to get formal training and what do you do to stay on top of the platform changes, In this episode Lynsey will recommend her favourite news sites, blogs, groups and conferences you need to stay ahead of the social media world and why investing into your education in this industry is so important.

Episode 9 – 5 Ways to use Chat Bots to grow your Business

Episode 9 – 5 Ways to use Chat Bots to grow your Business

We are joined again by Elly Hurley they Queen of ChatBots from Nudge Marketing to share with us 5 ways you can use your chatbot to grow your business from lead generation to booking appointments and much more.

Episode 10 – How to create you 2020 Marketing Calendar ( Part 1 )

In this episode we look at all the factors you need to review, assess and consider before you make any marketing decisions for 2020- don’t take any bad habits or stressful situations forward into the new year- plan it out now and do the groundwork before creating your marketing.

Episode 11 – How to create you 2020 Marketing Calendar ( Part 2 )

How to create your 2020 Marketing Calendar Part 2 – now that you have analysed last year and made some key decisions about your goals its time to look at what you actually post and when and how to start structuring your messages around your campaigns and customers

Episode 12  – 5 Social Media tools we love!

We are talking from lead gen to video subtitles – here are 5 of our favourite tools we use every day to help us run our agency and manage multiple accounts and produce content faster. Enjoy!

Episode 13  – 4 Biggest Lessons we learnt about Facebook Ads in 2019

2019 saw lots of changes to privacy, targeting data and budget optimisations on Facebook. In this episode, I will take you through the 4 biggest lessons I have learned about Facebook ads in 2019 from keeping things simple to put some skin in the game to optimise faster

Episode 14  – Posting on Social Media – your questions answered

When should you post on Social media? Does time matter? How often should you post? All of these questions are answered in this episode of the Gospel of Social Media. We dispel the myths around scheduling tools and talk best practise for posting on each channel.

Episode 15  – How to Hashtag in 2020

The full guide to how to hashtag on Instagram, LinkedIn. YouTube and more in 2020 including how many tags are you actually allowed, where you should use them and what is a banned tag.

Episode 16  – Where are your Audience? Social Media stats

In this episode, we look at where your audiences are hanging out on social media in 2020. So if you are not sure if you should be on Tik Tok or Facebook then this episode is for you, we break down the rumours with some cold hard stats!

Episode 17 – The Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook pixel and why do you need one? This episode is going to tell you everything you need to know about the pixel and how powerful it can to inform your marketing decisions and the power of your Facebook ads

Episode 18 – Do you need a break from Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting the world but when it makes us feel anxious or disconnected it might be time to change your habits and maybe take a break from Social Media. We look at tips and tricks you can use to keep your social media use in check and to feel at your best using the platform.  If this episode triggers you or you feel you need more help or support reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14  and check out our course – Safe on Social