25 06, 2021

How to prevent your accounts getting hacked, blocked or disabled

The Summary Getting an account hacked or disabled in the bane of every social media managers existence. So with little being able to be done to recover accounts prevention is definitely better than the cure. In this episode Lynsey will outline steps you can take to [...]

11 06, 2021

Instagram DM updates with special guest Elly Hurley

The Summary OMG! This is a game changer! Instagram DM's are about to start allowing automation. Chatbots are coming to Instagram DM's in a very legal way. Lynsey is joined by online behaviour and communication expert Elly Hurley to discuss the latest updates on to Direct [...]

7 06, 2021

What is Aggregated Event Measurement

The Summary iOS14.5 has rolled out and the new world of tracking is taking shape. In this episode Lynsey will explain what aggregated event measurement is and what it is tracking for you when a user opt out from the iOS14 prompt. The Episode [...]

25 05, 2021

Branding for Social Media with special Guest Kady O’ Connell

The Summary Lynsey is joined by special guest - Branding Expert Kady O'Connell from Sydney-based Creative Agency Kady Creative. Lynsey and Kady discuss all things about branding and how social media managers can create a stronger brand presence and align their social media marketing to more [...]

6 05, 2021

iOS14.5 and Other Facebook Updates You Need to Know

The Summary iOS14.5 is here! In this episode we discuss the changes, deadlines and new features rolling out in the wake of iOS14.5 as well as an algorithm change and a much needed new feature now available within Facebook The Episode Listen on [...]

26 04, 2021

How to Create a Social Media Strategy Part 2

The Summary Part 2 of creating a social media strategy will discuss how to create a paid social strategy with to suit a clients budget as well as and how to set KPI's and benchmarks for them, plus what to hand over and what not to handover to [...]

16 04, 2021

How to create a Social Media Strategy part 1

The Summary Lynsey shares how to create a social media strategy deck for clients or for your own business based on her years of being a successful Social Media Strategist for some of the largest global brands. This episode will cover how to start working with [...]

26 03, 2021

What is the Facebook Conversion API

Heard a buzz about the Conversion API, seen it pop up on Facebook but not sure what it is. In this short, sharp little episode Lynsey will explain the Conversion API and why you need it in under 10 minutes! The Episode Listen on Apple [...]

15 03, 2021

How to deal with Super Painful Clients

The Summary Clients can be wonderful humans or they can be soul sucking demons sent to drive you insane and sometimes as a Social Media Manager we don't get the choice of who we work with. This episode will give you some tips and insights on [...]

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