The short answer – No!

Let’s face it, running a business is already time consuming enough without having to come up with something to post on Facebook everyday and the good news is – it’s not necessary to post everyday. But why?

  • Quality Vs Quantity – Facebook would rather you posted good quality, original and engaging content. It doesn’t favor you for posting more or punish you for posting less, it’s looking for the best experience for its users so better content is more powerful than lots of average posts
  • It saves your boosting budget for the posts that matter. Posting organically will only reach so far on Facebook especially if your content isn’t very strong ( posting for the sake of posting) and boosting multiple posts can burn through your budget quickly giving you little in return. Rather save your dollars for your best posts and then boost them for even bigger impact.
  • Your time is precious – sourcing content and creating posts for social media is time consuming, Don’t put more pressure on yourself by feeling like you must post every day. Save your time and energy for the important messages – it’s okay not to post some days
  • You can turn your audience off by over posting – posting too much or posting boring, generic content can turn your audience off and your rate of unfollows, hide posts and hide all posts can increase by spamming your audiences news feeds with posts they are not enjoying

For some brands and businesses posting 3- 4 times a day is perfectly fine. Popular women’s fashion brands such as Style Runner and Showpo can post multiple times a day because it works for their businesses. Retail giants K-Mart post 4- 6 times a week and have one of the largest social media followings for a retailer in Australia. Their is no magical number for how many posts a week you should create. Listen to your audience and customers and let them be your guide.