Supercharge Your Facebook™ Ads


The ultimate online Facebook Advertising course with everything you need to know to DIY Facebook Ads.

Win more sales, understand how Facebook Advertising works, reach your target audience and
know where to spend your marketing dollars with Supercharge Your Facebook Ads.


Advertising on Facebook and want to maximise your results? Can’t get past boosting your posts? Not sure if you’re seeing return on your advertising dollars? This course is for you.

Jump into the ultimate online Facebook Ads course that breaks down all the complicated techy talk with Facebook Advertising so you can apply it to learn as you go and ramp up your results.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the algorithm and how Facebook works
  • How to build Facebook Ads
  • Finding your customers and building your audience
  • Split testing for success
  • Supercharge your Facebook Advertising
  • Know how much to spend and when
  • The secrets and tools to managing your accounts

Making Facebook Advertising simple so you can DIY Facebook Ads.

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